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Meridian Tooth Chart

What is Meridian Tooth Chart?

Holistic dentists combine the best of conventional dentistry with time-tested medicine and practices from ancient civilizations. This allows our talented dentists to deliver extraordinary oral care that respects the natural processes of the body. One way in which our biological dental team honors the oral-systemic connection is by using the Meridian Tooth Chart.

What are Dental Meridians?

Meridian Tooth ChartAccording to traditional Chinese medicine, the body contains a network of twelve conduits mirrored on each side of the body. These twelve conduits are known as meridians, and ancient civilizations realized that meridians connected various parts of the body with one another.

The vital connections that the twelve meridians form among different tissues and organs of the body allow energy–or qi (chi)–to flow freely between them. However, when meridians become blocked, the essential energy that connects all systems of the body cannot flow freely.

When energy along meridian lines is blocked or throttled, the corresponding areas of the body connected to that meridian will exhibit illness, disease, and dysfunction. The traditional Chinese practice of acupuncture aims to remove blockages along the meridian lines by applying pressure to the parts of the body that correspond with the blocked meridian.

By removing meridian blockages, the delicate balance of bodily systems is restored, and energy can flow freely once more. In turn, the energy flow promotes healing, which remediates the illness, disease, or dysfunction that the blockage caused.

What is the Tooth Organ Meridian Chart?

The Meridian Tooth Chart is a map indicating the connection between certain teeth and various parts of the body. Essentially, the Meridian Tooth Chart is a precise portrayal of the scientifically-backed concept of the oral-systemic connection.

At the Holistic Dental Center of New Jersey, our biological dentists frequently use the Meridian
Tooth Chart during dental exams to detect and locate areas of disease or dysfunction throughout the body. This allows our skilled team to address the root cause of oral conditions. By addressing the root cause of oral issues, our holistic dentists can expertly restore the harmony between the mouth and body, which leads to a healthier, happier you.

Traditional Chinese medicine states that each tooth is connected to a specific meridian. Want to see which meridian connects to each tooth? Look at this Interactive Meridian Tooth Chart here:

How the Meridian Tooth Chart Affects the Oral-systemic Connection

As a medically-backed and scientifically-proven concept, the oral-systemic connection explains the inherent link between oral health and bodily health. Extensive research proves that oral health conditions–like cavities and gum disease–directly impact bodily health. For example, medical and dental professionals have found that gum disease leads to an increased risk of developing chronic conditions, such as:
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Respiratory conditions
  • Pregnancy complications
  • Alzheimer’s disease
The Meridian Tooth Chart is a visual representation of the oral-systemic connection. By using this powerful tool from traditional Chinese medicine, our biological dentists are able to provide top-tier dental care that reaches far beyond the oral cavity.

See How Our Holistic Dentists Use the Meridian Tooth Chart Today!

The oral-systemic connection is real. Our holistic dentists respect that inherent connection by incorporating the Meridian Tooth Chart into our dental treatments and procedures. 

If you’re still curious about the Meridian Tooth Chart and the oral-systemic connection, then contact our Millburn, NJ, dental office at (973) 718-5104 or online here. We’re always ready to bring your oral and overall health to the next level!

Meridian Tooth Chart