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Dental Technology

Dental Technology at Holistic Dental Center of New Jersey

Our dental office is proud to offer our patients the latest and most advanced dental technology available. This allows us to provide our patients with the best possible care while maintaining a high comfort level. Your oral health and body are interconnected, so we take a holistic approach in every step of our approach to dental treatment, including the technology used in our practice.

Dental Technology Used at Our Dental Practice

Using the latest dental technologies, we offer our patients a higher level of care that enhances their overall dental health while protecting the body. We believe that ongoing dental education and up-to-date dental technology are vital to the success of dental care.

Phase Contrast Microscope

Our mouths are a microbiome full of bacteria, by investigating your unique combination of bacteria using a phase-contrast microscope as a diagnostic tool helps us determine what type of dental cleaning is necessary. Both pH levels of saliva and oral pathogens are biomarkers for oral health, and using this technology enables our doctors to evaluate the specific periodontal health and risk factors unique to each patient’s oral health. 

Ozone Dental Therapy

Dental Technology

Ozone dental therapy is used to kill bacteria in the patient’s mouth while also helping to reduce inflammation and tooth sensitivity. This therapy can be used to treat gum disease and tooth decay and can even be used as a preventative measure to help avoid dental problems in the future. Ozone therapy is a safe, natural, and effective way of boosting immune response and enhancing health in dental care.

Platelet-Rich Fibrin PRF

This cutting-edge dental technology uses the patient’s own blood to speed up the healing process after dental surgery. PRF treatment is rich in growth factors and proteins that promote healing. This technology is used to reduce recovery time after surgery and improve the success rate of dental implant procedures.

Dental Air-Vac

A dental air vac is a vital tool used in the mercury removal process. It increases safety for dentists, assistants, and patients by removing bacteria and harmful mercury vapors from the room. This ensures that the patient is not at risk for additional mercury exposure during the removal process.

Clifford Compatibility Testing

Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing tests a patient’s blood for antibody production in the presence of different chemical groups that can be found in many dental materials. The test will produce a report that lists the trade names of various dental materials and the patient’s bio-reactivity to each material. The test results allow us to make fully informed decisions about the types of dental materials and procedures that will benefit you most.

Dental Soft Tissue Laser

Soft-tissue lasers are perfect for procedures that involve cutting or contouring oral soft tissues, like periodontal treatment and cosmetic procedures. Soft-tissue lasers are capable of creating precision cuts in gingiva and other soft tissues while also eliminating bleeding at the site and reducing the healing time for the patient.

LANAP Laser Treatment

Dental Technology

Periodontal disease is an infection of the gums that can lead to tooth loss. With LANAP laser treatment, we can remove the infection without harming the healthy tissue. This minimally invasive dental procedure helps to promote quicker healing and reduced discomfort for the patient. Traditional gum restoration surgery is invasive and often painful; it involves cutting away the infected tissue and stitching the gums back together. 

The LANAP dental technology is used to treat periodontal disease without the need for scalpels and sutures. The laser targets and kills the bacteria that causes gum disease while leaving the healthy tissue unharmed. This treatment is less invasive than traditional dental surgery and has a shorter recovery time.

Elective IV Therapy

We offer elective IV therapy to our patients to improve overall health and wellness. Vitamin C IV therapy can be used during surgical dental procedures to aid in the healing process without harming the gut’s natural flora. The combination of vitamins has demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties and can help to reduce surgery recovery time and wound healing.

3D CBCT (cone beam computed tomography)

Dental TechnologyUnlike traditional x-rays, the 3D the CBCT scan is a type of x-ray is a 360 degree view of the mouth. It is more accurate than 2D images by showing the intricate details of your teeth and their roots, gums, bone density, and even the nerves and airways. This precise imaging shows how all of these structures relate to each other. This enables our team of dentists to identify potential concerns while creating individualized  treatment plans to keep you healthy.

Low Radiation Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays emit up to 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays. Digital x-rays also allow us to get a more detailed view of your teeth and jaw to more accurately diagnose and treat dental problems. Digital dentistry provides convenience and precision in dental procedures while keeping the health and safety of our patients in mind.

NuCalm Therapy

NuCalm uses non-toxic and non-invasive steps to create a calming effect that allows you to function normally immediately after its use. NuCalm therapy uses topical GABA, which is produced naturally in our bodies, to slow down our brain activity. GABA is combined with neuroacoustic software embedded in relaxing music so you can experience a zen-like sensation. It is a great alternative to other sedative options like nitrous oxide.

Get Advantage From Modern Dental Technology in New Jersey

At Holistic Dental Center, we use the latest technological advances to offer our patients the best possible holistic care. From placing dental restorations to performing surgery and promoting healing, we always have the health and safety of our dental patients in mind. New technologies in dentistry allow us to provide more precise and efficient treatments while also reducing the risk of dental complications.

If you are looking for a dental center that uses the latest dental technology, contact Holistic Dental Center today. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and schedule a consultation to discuss your dental needs.

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