Ozone Treatment

Dental Ozone Treatment

At the Holistic Dental Center of New Jersey, we value modern treatments with a natural and holistic twist. That’s why we offer ozone therapy as a versatile preventive and biological restorative dentistry solution. Due to its versatility, safety, and effectiveness, ozone therapy is quickly becoming the future of exceptional dental care.

What is ozone therapy?

Ozone TreatmentSimilar to how O₂ represents the oxygen we breathe, O₃ is the symbol that represents three oxygen molecules linked together to form ozone gas.

O₃, being highly reactive and unstable, acts as an antioxidant by attaching to harmful free radicals and eliminating them. From disinfection to water filtration, O₃ can destroy and prevent even the toughest bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and microbes. In fact, we use it to sterilize our operatories and entire office.

Outside of its disinfecting properties, ozone gas has several practical applications, particularly in dentistry. This is because ozone dental therapy wields the power of ozone in various forms/delivery systems to promote healing and protect our mouths from harmful pathogens.

How does ozone therapy work?

Introducing ozone gas into our bodies has remarkable effects. Extensive research indicates that O₃ gas destroys pathogens by damaging the foundational proteins that represent their genetic makeup. By doing so, dangerous pathogens cannot replicate or thrive in our bodies.

But, O₃ gas does much more than kill and prevent pathogens–it amplifies our bodys’ natural processes to activate optimal healing and energy production. This means that ozone therapy kills harmful cells while simultaneously supporting our healthy, native cells.

Ozone therapy has been clinically proven to enhance oral health by:

  • Increasing cellular oxygen, which prevents cancer and disease from thriving in poorly-oxygenated tissue.
  • Bolstering the immune system, even for people with auto-immune disorders.
  • Heightening cellular energy production for increased cellular performance and longevity.
  • Limiting oxidative stress on cells, which encourages healthy cell and tissue regeneration.
  • Encouraging an alkaline environment in our mouths by decreasing acidity levels.
  • Promoting healing, particularly bone and wound healing.
  • Improving blood flow and red blood cell count.

How ozone therapy is used in dentistry

At Holistic Dental Center of New Jersey, our talented dentists use ozone therapy for many treatments, including:

  • Fighting harmful oral bacteria
  • Restoring tooth and gum health
  • Combatting tooth sensitivity and post-operative pain
  • Promoting healing

Fighting Harmful Oral Bacteria

In the past, dentists used sharp dental picks to scrape plaque and bacteria from teeth. In many cases, this left gums vulnerable to abrasions and infections. Today, holistic dentists are adopting more comfortable, integrative, and effective practices, such as ozone therapy.

In fact, O₃ is proving to be more effective than fluoride at fighting pathogens, like bacteria and viruses. This is due to ozone’s ability to disinfect while promoting healthy blood circulation and immune responses. Subsequently, our holistic dentists can prevent cavities and gum disease by relying on ozone therapy rather than painful dental tools and antibiotics.

Restoring Tooth and Gum Health

Gum disease–also known as periodontal disease–is a condition in which the gums become infected. If left untreated, gum disease leads to significant tooth loss and jaw bone recession.

Treating gum disease requires dentists to clean and disinfect below the gumline, which can be uncomfortable for many patients. That’s why our holistic dentists use ozonated water to gently get below the gumline for a thorough cleaning. Not only that, but ozonated water encourages better circulation for enhanced healing.

Combatting Tooth Sensitivity and Pain

Some patients experience frequent tooth sensitivity or pain. O₃ mitigates sensitivity and pain by reducing inflammation and strengthening teeth’s structural integrity.

Promoting Better, Faster Healing

Our dentists use immune-boosting ozone therapy following tooth extractions, like wisdom tooth removal. This ensures that our patients heal faster and encounter fewer complications along the healing process.

Why should I consider ozone treatment?

Ozone TreatmentChoosing ozone therapy means that you’re prioritizing your health and healing. But, more than that, you’re choosing a natural, safe, non-invasive treatment that encourages your mouth and body to work in harmony.

O₃ Gas is Natural

Conventional dentists regularly use harmful and toxic substances, like fluoride. Our biological dentists believe that oral healthcare should not come at the cost of your systemic health. Therefore, our team advocates for healthy, natural, and effective alternatives, like ozone therapy.

O₃ Gas is Safe

Additionally, our patients do not need to be concerned with adverse reactions, as O₃ gas does not have any known contraindications. This further ensures your safety and comfort while you’re in the dentist’s chair.

Happy patients are our mission! We work very hard to give the best service and results possible. Find out more about what our patients are saying about their treatment at Holistic Dental Center!

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Our holistic dentists use ozone therapy to treat several conditions, such as:

As a safe, natural, and non-invasive treatment, ozone therapy is an optimal integrative medicine for setting the gold standard of preventive and restorative dentistry. If you’re ready to experience ozone treatment for yourself, then call our team at the Holistic Dental Center of New Jersey today. New and existing patients can contact our Millburn, NJ, office at 973-718-5104 or online here.

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