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Dental Compatibility Testing

Compatibility Testing

At the Holistic Dental Center of New Jersey, our biological dentists acknowledge that the human body is an incredibly attuned and sensitive system. That’s why our team offers compatibility testing to prevent adverse reactions to the dental materials that we use in our facility.

Why is dental compatibility testing important?

Dental Compatibility TestingDentistry is a constantly-evolving field that demands the implementation of new and superior techniques, technology, and materials. 

However, new or improved techniques, technology, and materials often require testing to ensure patient safety.

Subsequently, holistic dentists across the globe conduct materials compatibility testing to mitigate adverse reactions and long-term oral and systemic issues caused by dental materials.

What kind of dental compatibility testing do you conduct?

At the Holistic Dental Center of New Jersey, our biological dentists believe that materials matter, but patient safety matters even more. Therefore, we conduct thorough materials testing prior to administering treatment.

Our holistic dental team partners with a qualified and credentialed laboratory to perform the gold standard of materials testing, known as Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing (CMRT).

Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing Explained

Dental Compatibility Testing

The medical and dental community recognizes Walter J. Clifford as the developer of CMRT. Clifford found that our immune systems respond differently to various materials. Additionally, he found that our immune systems have unique bio-sensitivities that vary from person to person.

However, not every immune system responds to dental materials in the same way. And, it is impossible to know which patients are sensitive to which dental materials just by looking at them.

Subsequently, Clifford went on to create a highly accurate blood test to verify the bioreactivity of various dental materials with individual immune systems. Since 1987, dentists have been using Clifford’s revolutionary materials compatibility test to make dental treatments safer, more effective, and more accessible to patients from all medical backgrounds.

How does CMRT work?

Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing screens a patient’s blood to test for antibody production in the presence of 94 different chemical groups that can be found in over 17,000 dental materials. After the test is completed, an extensive report is generated, which lists the trade names of various dental materials and the patient’s bio-reactivity to each material.

CMRT has a reliability factor of over 95%, and a precision rate of over 97%, making it one of the most accurate and dependable materials compatibility tests on the market today. As such, it is arguably the most important tool in our holistic dentists’ arsenal.

The Holistic Dental Center of New Jersey partners with a qualified and trusted laboratory. The laboratory analyses our patients’ blood samples to find sensitivities, allergies, or bio-reactivity that may be undiagnosed or latent.

Using your detailed CMRT results, we can make fully-informed decisions about the types of dental materials and procedures that will benefit you most. By avoiding materials that may be uniquely dangerous or toxic to you, our biological dentists prioritize, protect, and enhance your oral and overall health.

Who can benefit from compatibility testing?

CMRT is a tool that our holistic dentists can use to find materials that your body is least likely to react to during and after your treatment. And, when we use materials that complement your biochemistry, your prognosis for successful, long-lasting dental treatments increases exponentially.

Lastly, CMRT is intended for biological processes only. That is to say that CMRT does not consider the mechanical or conductive properties of dental materials–simply your unique biological response to those materials. This enables our holistic dentists to make the safest choices for materials used to preserve or enhance your systemic health.

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Your health is our top priority. That’s why we protect you with in-depth elective Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing before beginning dental treatments and procedures.

If you’re someone who experiences adverse reactions or allergies from dental visits, and you’re ready to see how CMRT plays an important role in your oral healthcare, then contact the Holistic Dental Center of New Jersey today. New and existing patients can reach our Millburn, NJ, dental office at (973) 718-5104 or online here

Dental Compatibility Testing