IV Vitamin Therapy

IV Vitamin Treatment in New Jersey

IV Vitamin Therapy

Typically, intravenous (IV) drips are associated with severe illness and hospitals. However, IV vitamin therapy is an integrative and biological treatment that has numerous applications outside of urgent care facilities.

What is IV vitamin therapy?

IV Vitamin TherapySimply put, IV therapy is the direct administration of essential nutrients into the bloodstream. This allows medical professionals to bypass the gastrointestinal (GI) tract for superior nutrient absorption and instantaneous results, without disrupting the microbiome and immune system.

For over 20 years, our team at the Holistic Dental Center of New Jersey has acknowledged the importance of incorporating complementary and functional approaches to dentistry. That’s why we work together with trusted medical providers to supply our patients with IV vitamin therapy.

By offering on-site IV drip therapy, our team combats complications following certain dental procedures. In turn, our patients heal better, faster, and with significantly fewer postoperative issues.

What dental procedures warrant IV drip therapy?

IV Vitamin TherapyResearch suggests that intravenously administering essential nutrients directly into the bloodstream allows our bodies to receive the full benefit of powerful vitamins, such as vitamin C.

When combined with other anti-inflammatory vitamins, intravenous vitamin C leads to safer and more effective dental procedures and treatments. For example, our holistic dentists frequently recommend IV drip therapy for oral surgeries and mercury amalgam removal to limit discomfort, prevent infections, and speed up the recovery process.

IV Therapy for Oral Surgeries

No one likes to hear that they may need oral surgery. However, our biological dental center has implemented cutting-edge technology and techniques to ensure that oral surgery procedures are much more comfortable, conservative, and effective.

But, oral surgery shouldn’t just be comfortable, conservative, and effective–it should be integrative, too. Therefore, it is our belief that IV vitamin infusions should be used in conjunction with other pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory treatments before, during, and after oral surgery procedures.

This integrative approach to oral surgery limits patients’ risk of infection and other complications. Additionally, the influx of intravenous nutrients–particularly vitamin C–encourages collagen synthesis, which promotes healthy and swift tissue regeneration following an oral surgery procedure.

At the Holistic Dental Center of New Jersey, our intravenous solutions are not limited to vitamin IV infusions. Our biological dentists frequently use IV antibiotics to mitigate the risk of bacterial infections after oral surgery procedures.

By intravenously administering antibiotics, our dentists protect the delicate microbiome of patients’ gastrointestinal tracts. This means that patients are less likely to need supplemental probiotics to restore their regular gut health following oral surgery.

IV Therapy for Metal Amalgam Removal

IV Vitamin TherapyIn the past, dentists used metal fillings to treat cavities. However, metal fillings–also known as metal amalgam fillings–contain approximately 50% elemental mercury, which is a verified neurotoxin.

According to the Department of Health and Environment Control, all mercury is toxic and can negatively affect the nervous system, liver, kidneys, and immune system. The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology reports that anorexia, cardiovascular problems, immune system impairments, and more are symptoms associated with the inhalation of mercury vapors. This is why holistic dentists are racing to safely remove and replace toxic metal amalgam fillings.

In addition to using strict removal guidelines and protocols, our biological dentists use intravenous vitamin C to prevent the accumulation of free radicals and eliminate cellular oxidative stress. Additionally, vitamin C infusions help enhance immune system function, which reduces the risk of infection and decreases recovery time following amalgam removal procedures.

What is the benefit of IV vitamin therapy?

There are many benefits of IV drip therapy for dental procedures, including maximal absorption, instantaneous results, and antioxidant support.

Maximal Absorption

Oral supplements and vitamins must run through the digestive tract to release their beneficial properties. However, this method limits the amount of usable nutrients available to our bodies because the GI tract damages nutrients during the digestive process. Furthermore, many patients have GI conditions that make nutrient absorption more difficult.

Therefore, IV infusions have a distinct advantage over oral supplements. By bypassing the GI tract altogether and delivering nutrients directly into the bloodstream, patients can reap the complete benefits of antioxidants, like vitamin C.

Instantaneous Results

Oral supplements can take a long time for our GI tracts to digest and absorb. However, IV vitamin therapy is an instantaneous transferral of essential nutrients straight into the bloodstream. Therefore, patients benefit immediately from IV vitamin therapy.

Antioxidant Support

Our bodies are subject to constant oxidative stress from our environments. This oxidative stress damages our cells and leads to disease and dysfunction. Subsequently, it’s important to provide our bodies with antioxidant support to combat the accumulation of harmful free radicals.

With IV drip therapy, our patients aren’t just getting the most out of essential vitamins and nutrients–they are protecting themselves on a cellular level. In turn, our patients experience improved cellular regeneration and energy production for a healthy mouth and body.

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IV Vitamin Therapy