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Combat the Cold and Flu Naturally

There is the common cold, and then there is the flu. The symptoms of the latter are generally more severe than those of a cold and may include body aches, fever, a feeling of malaise or fatigue, and headaches, to name a few. With a couple of natural approaches, you can assist the body in [...]

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All About Meridians

The word “meridian” refers to a channel or path where the body’s “chi” or energy flows. Think of meridians as wires that cannot be seen yet move energy around. These wires are constantly circling the body and there are multiple entrances or exit ramps so that the energy can flow to the correct organ. The [...]

Clean Your Home Naturally This Season

The time when many of us decide to spruce up our homes is upon us. As we welcome the arrival of spring and the warmer temperatures, you may begin to notice the dustiness left behind during the winter. As you’re busy cleaning and sprucing up, what cleaners are you using? Now is a good time [...]

Improve Brain Health With Stimulating Activities

If you decide to stop working out, you know that your physical fitness will begin to decline. The same holds for mental health. Stimulating the brain is key in ensuring that it remains sharp as a person ages. A study involving more than 1,500 people at least 70 years of age evaluated their risk of [...]

The Many Healing Benefits of Rubia Cordifolia

Rubia cordifolia, a plant that can grow up to almost forty feet tall, is native to many parts of Asia, Europe, and Africa and belongs to the Rubiaceae family of coffee plants, which is a type of flowering plant. It is also found flourishing along rivers and streams that flow through evergreen forests, sometimes going [...]

Autoimmune Diseases and the Ties to Oral Health

An autoimmune disease occurs when the body misinterprets a natural substance as though it’s a foreign invader and signals the immune system to fight it. Common diseases include diabetes (both Type I and II), thyroid disease, and rheumatoid arthritis, to name a few. These diseases can wreak havoc throughout the body, and they also require [...]

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Detox Naturally in 2021

Exercising and eating healthier are common New Year’s resolutions. After enjoying your holiday meals, you may be thinking about starting fresh and “detoxing” the body. While you can purchase products that claim to detox the body, what you may not know is that organs like the kidneys, liver, digestive tract and even the skin already [...]

Improve Cardiovascular Health Naturally

The organs in the human body each perform functions vital to keep everything running smoothly. The heart, for instance, never takes a break, constantly beating and pumping blood 24/7. It is one of the most important organs that need to be taken care of as cardiovascular disease can lead to a host of issues. For [...]

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Butter Is Making a Major Comeback

Butter is seeing considerable demand, with the intake of per capita butter up more than 20 percent in the United States during the last decade. The pandemic triggered improvements in eating habits to drive demand for butter ever higher last year. When saturated fats fell out of favor, and health authorities mistakenly advised Americans to [...]

Healthy Foods for Your 2021 Diet Goals

A new year is here and you may already be hard at work on your resolutions, from getting some more physical activity in to paying closer attention to how you nourish your body. Getting started with changing your diet to healthier foods can be overwhelming, but our handy guide may help get you started with [...]