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Bats Are Essential Food Pollinators

Bats don’t have the best reputation among the general public, especially in the current climate where people believe they may have played a role in the pandemic. Although bats aren’t the most beloved animals, they do serve important roles in assisting humans and the environment. For example, they are responsible for the pollination of certain [...]

The Dangers of Leaky Gut

Here’s a not so fun fact: the GI tract (that long tube that runs from your mouth to the anus) can be a harbinger of several different chronic diseases if you’re not taking care of your body. Since it’s connected to the mouth, anything that may occur in the small intestines, for example, may have [...]

Smile Again with Chao Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation

Having sensitive teeth can make something as simple as drinking a glass of water a painful experience. Depending on the severity, even cold air can trigger tooth pain. Often, this sensitivity is a result of cavities or gum disease. However, if both of these are severe enough to the point that the protective layers have [...]

The Power of Leucine

Sarcopenia is the name given to a type of muscle loss that’s most often caused by leading a largely sedentary lifestyle. It mostly affects adults in their 60s and beyond and its development can also be caused by the food a person consumes. As you probably know, muscles require protein to remain strong and healthy. [...]

There May Not Be Actual Fruit in Your Juice

When browsing through the juice aisles at your local grocery store, chances are you’re bound to find countless brands of fruit juices with labels touting how they are made using real fruit. While this may sound good to those seeking to drink something that isn’t just flavored sugar, some research suggests there may be deception [...]

It’s All About Exercise and Nutrition in the Latest “NEW ME” Videos

Did you check out our series "NEW ME" yet? These ongoing videos are all about you and helping you keep the body, the mind, and your emotional well-being in tip-top shape. Some of the topics we’ve covered in the past have concentrated on topics such as meditation, an easy way to help manage stress and [...]

Better Oral Healing with Platelet-Rich Fibrin

Dentistry is always evolving and the best dentists are the ones that adopt new technologies and procedures that provide their patients better or more efficient care. One of these procedures is Platelet-Rich Fibrin(PRF), which boosts the body’s natural regeneration abilities, significantly improving healing and recovery following a surgical procedure. PRF is composed by utilizing a [...]

Save Big with Our New Patient Offer

Now that we are officially opened again for business, we are excited to welcome our new and loyal patients to Holistic Dental Center New Jersey. We’ve taken extra measures on top of our existing ones to make the experience as safe as possible, which you can read more about by checking out our Re-Opening Health Protocols: [...]

Have Some Healthy Parsley with Your Tea

Parsley is a flavorful green herb commonly used for meal garnishing and boosting flavor. Its plain appearance hides a potent punch of minerals and vitamins and although it’s frequently used in foods like salads, it can also be used as a therapeutic tea. By placing some parsley into your tea, the hot water will cause [...]

Re-Opening Health Protocols: Keeping You Safe

Many of us had to make significant changes in our lives and our everyday activities, not by choice but by necessity. At this time, we’re happy to say it looks like many of us may be getting to a point where we can start moving about the state and receive the necessary services. On May [...]