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Biological Oral Surgery

Biological Oral Surgery in New Jersey

We are proud to provide Biological Oral Surgery at the Holistic Dental Center of NJ. We believe in using the most natural and least invasive methods to treat our patients. In addition, this type of oral surgery requires fewer visits and less time in the dental chair.

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Why Choose a Holistic Oral Surgeon?

Biological Oral SurgeryA holistic oral surgeon will treat the health of your teeth and gums with respect to how it impacts whole-body health. A holistic oral surgeon is ideal if you require a dentist who can provide comprehensive care. Here are some reasons why you should consider choosing a holistic oral surgeon: 

  • They understand the importance of treating the whole body, not just the teeth and gums.
  • They use non-toxic materials and non-invasive methods so that the intervention is less stressful for your body.  
  • They focus on preventive care and education, which can help reduce the need for future surgeries. 
  • They work with you to create a custom treatment plan that meets your unique needs.

What To Expect With Biological Oral Surgery?

We take a holistic approach to your dental care and avoid using toxic materials. Our skilled surgeons will perform your oral surgery using biocompatible materials. 

Biological oral surgery consists of three steps:

  1. First, we’ll carefully remove the tooth, periodontal ligament, and the dead or infected tissue or bone.
  2. Next, we’ll disinfect the socket and surrounding bone using ozone, especially if there is an infected tooth or one that has been treated with root canal therapy.
  3. Finally, we’ll place a biological graft to promote proper bone healing.

Our surgeons utilize numerous integrative modalities that enhance the body’s natural healing mechanisms to promote tissue regeneration during your biological oral surgery. 

Services Offered

We offer various biological oral surgery services to help our patients heal and feel their best. Biological oral surgery uses 3D cone beam imaging, dental ozone, and PRF Platelet Therapy to promote proper healing and bone regrowth.

Tooth Extractions

Our number one goal is always to save a patient’s natural tooth. However, when this isn’t possible, an extraction may be needed.

Reasons for tooth extraction may include:

  • A cracked or fractured tooth
  • A tooth with a severe infection
  • When there is no structure left above the gums

PRF/IPRF Therapy

PRF/IPRF therapy is a treatment that accelerates the healing process following surgery. This therapy involves inserting or injecting a concentrated mixture of platelets and fibrin into the surgical site. The platelets help to jumpstart the body’s natural healing response, while the fibrin creates a scaffold for new tissue growth. This biologic therapy has been shown to improve healing time and decrease postoperative pain significantly.

Dental Bone Grafting

Bone grafting is occasionally needed before dental implants to preserve existing bone and promote tissue regeneration due to bone loss. At our Holistic Dental Center, we only use non-toxic materials which are biocompatible with the human body and will not cause any adverse reactions. We believe that using these materials during oral surgery is crucial for promoting healing and protecting our patients’ oral and whole-body health.

Ozone Therapy

We use ozone therapy to treat a number of dental issues. It offers a way to effectively treat periodontal disease by using ozonated water flushed below the gum line, helping to remove bacteria and other debris. Because ozone comes in several forms (gas, water or topical), it can reach the areas below the gumline and those hard-to-reach areas in the grooves of the teeth. 

It’s also a great option for those with tooth sensitivity because it can harden weakened teeth. 

Biological Dental Implants

Biological dental implants are a popular option for replacing missing teeth. Strong, durable, and hypoallergenic, zirconia implants are a healthier and safer alternative than traditional metals. Our zirconia ceramic is biocompatible and is designed to promote healing and integration with the jawbone. 

Cavitation Therapy

Dental cavitations are abnormalities or lesions within the jawbone. They typically form in an area of extraction which has not healed properly and receives limited blood flow, often due to a blockage. These lesions harbor toxins and bacteria causing bone loss and have been linked to systemic health problems. Cavitation therapy involves cleaning out the infected tissue and filling the surgical site with bone graft material. This helps to promote healing and prevent further infection.

Root Canal Alternatives

We do everything possible to preserve as many natural teeth as possible, but as biological dentists, we know there are times when a tooth cannot be saved. Unfortunately, conventional dentistry promotes root canals, ignoring the delayed dangers of the procedure. The holistic root canal alternative is extraction. This eliminates the chance of infection and future systemic health issues.

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Biological Oral Surgery