Why You Should Use Your Dental Insurance Before You Lose It

It’s that time of year- the holidays are coming soon and the last thing people are thinking of is their dental insurance, but there are important reasons to “use it before you lose it”, whether you need routine care or specialized dental treatment, says Dr. Vladimir Gashinsky of Holistic Dental Center in Milburn, NJ.

“It’s no secret that a person’s dental health has a significant influence on their overall health and quality of life,” says Dr. Gashinsky. “Most people can save hundreds of dollars by using their dental benefits before the end of the year, when most flexible spending, health savings, and insurance benefits expire. By delaying needed dental treatment many could be risking more extensive and expensive treatments down the road. People who have been paying their dental insurance premiums have earned their benefits, so they should use them before year’s end for obvious financial reasons but most importantly for their health and well-being going into the new year.”

“One important thing to consider is gum recession, which can happen to anyone at virtually any age. Receding gums are unattractive and can make a person look older, which is reason enough for many people to seek treatment, “ says Dr. Gashinsky. “Gum recession can lead to more serious problems including sensitive teeth, advanced gum disease and eventual tooth loss. Causes include improper tooth brushing, aggressive flossing, gum disease and the normal aging process. Receding gums are a progressive condition and should be treated as early as possible to help prevent more serious problems.” Dr. Gashinsky is among the first group of doctors in the world to be trained in “Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation”, a minimally invasive treatment that eliminates the need for conventional gum grafting.

Replace Missing Teeth

“Tooth loss and the use of dentures can make anyone look and feel old, and failing or missing teeth can cause numerous health issues,” says Dr. Gashinsky. “Dental implants can replace missing or unhealthy teeth. ‘All On 4’ implants can be used to replace the entire upper and lower teeth, with each arch using just four strategically placed implants, or ‘anchors’ rather than using individual anchors for each implant. All on 4, also known as ‘Teeth In A Day’ allows almost any patient to benefit, especially if they don’t have enough bone for traditional dental implants.”

Dr. Gashinsky is also one of a small number of US dentists certified to place Zirconia implants which offer patients a holistic, metal-free alternative. “Zirconia is very strong, is resistant to chemical corrosion and the material does not conduct electricity or heat. The Zirconium Oxide material is used in spacecraft because of its high resistance to fracturing and heat.”

“At the heart of holistic dentistry is a belief that the best treatment is the minimum action that treats what is causing the symptoms,” says Dr. Gashinsky. “Holistic dentists typically recommend conservative treatments, while also providing each patient with the information necessary to make informed choices about their oral health and overall systemic wellness.”

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