What Makes a Holistic Dentist Different?

People often ask what makes a holistic dentist different from a traditional dentist.

First of all, every dentist in this country goes through rigorous training in dental schools. Even though different states require different continuing education programs, fundamental dental training through dental schools is required to obtain a license to practice. Dr. Gashinsky earned his doctorate degree from New York University College of Dentistry, after which he became their clinical faculty leader and in a 4-year period trained graduate students to become proficient in dentistry.

As a holistic dentist, Dr. G advanced his training to enhance his knowledge of alternative dentistry techniques. Education, both for the practitioner and the patient, is an important aspect of holistic care.

The true difference between holistic and traditional dentistry is our approach in treating our patients. A traditional dentist treats symptoms in teeth and gums when they become problems. They also attempt to prevent such problems from reoccurring. Dr. G takes a whole-person approach to dental care — and an integrated view of the mouth’s connection with the rest of the body. Dr. G treats the underlying problems that cause symptoms in the mouth, while also eliminating those problems by preventing the adverse effect on your overall health.

Not all dentists give much importance to the overall health of an individual while they are performing the treatment. They are not trained in the long-term effects of what dentistry does to the whole body. Dr. G’s approach is different. Studies conclude a link between gum diseases and other health related issues such as heart disease and the connection of each of your teeth with specific organs in your body (see the Meridian Tooth Chart on this website). Dr. G is thoroughly educated in the relationship of gums and teeth and the overall health of your body and applies his treatments from the viewpoint of increasing your health and longevity.

Here are some of the  areas where Dr. G performs differently from a traditional dentist:

Amalgam fillings – Dr. G understands that mercury is toxic and our practice meets and exceeds safety guidelines for mercury amalgam removal.
Fluoride – We are against the use of fluoride in topical and ingested form.
Extractions and dental surgery – We use ozone therapy to sterilize the root canal of bacteria or offer root canal alternatives.
Biocompatibility of dental materials – We believe that what goes into your mouth can affect your entire body and we check the biocompatibility of the materials we use. We use a variety of different composite filling materials as well as different materials for other procedures (bridges, crowns, etc.).

With extensive training in homeopathy and nutrition, Dr. G spends countless hours doing continuing education with like-minded practitioners to keep up with new medical and technical developments in his field which he is bringing to his practice to help his patients achieve a best holistic dental care possible. Dr. G has the distinction of having won the Eugene Rothchild Memorial Award from the New York Academy of Oral Rehabilitation.

Your health is our foremost priority. We look forward to answer any questions you may have about our treatments or holistic care in general. Just come on, or call us at (973) 379-9080). You are always welcome!