Gathering of the Holistic Minds

At the Holistic Dental Center, we are laying the foundation with our holistic partners to mutually helping our patients and building our healthy community.

As holistic practitioners we work to enhance our patients as a whole and when we work in partnership for the benefit of our patient’s well-being, the end result can be greater than what we could have done alone.  With that in mind, we organize meetings – the “Gathering of Holistic Minds” – to discuss ways and means to help our patients live healthy lives. Here’s our recent “Getting to Know Each Other” event with our partner practitioners which was a total success. Stay tuned for our invitation to the next “Gathering”!

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Holistic Dental Center’s Fran Horning talks about How the Gathering of the Holistic Minds was put together to help you, our patient!


The Tradition of Wellness Days Continues!

IMG_0762-300x225We dedicated our most recent Wellness Day Event to the subject of inflammation, because it is so important for you to know what oral inflammation is and what you can do about it. We had four amazing holistic speakers discussing what causes inflammation, what inflammation can do to your body and how to eliminate it. There were close to 50 guests in attendance and they enjoyed freshly prepared organic food by Ella Gashinsky, live music and engaging speakers. We had a wonderful turn-out and people were raving about the event: ”fantastic!” “…unbelievably informative” “Bravo on such an incredibly well put together event!” were just a few of the comments from our attendees.

Due to its importance, we are also giving you vital information about oral inflammation in this blog post. To know more about this subject and the different treatments, please watch the video of one of our Wellness Day presenters, Dr. Lorraine Maita, M.D., a renowned Functional Medicine Physician. She not only discussed inflammation in the body but also inflammation in the mouth, listen here:


Your Wellness Matters Day 2!

On On Saturday, October 1st, 2016 from 3pm to 6pm, we again opened our doors to all our patients, their families and friends for our second Your Wellness Matters Day!

With presentations on holistic care by renowned holistic practitioners which covered the theme of the event: “TOXICITY: It’s Everywhere…”, attendees were briefed on the extend of exposure to toxic substances and what they can do to stay healthy. With fun and natural food and a real raffle with winners, everyone had a great time.

For those who missed this important event, click here for the video presentations of our speakers, so all their valuable information can be viewed.

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 “Your Wellness Matters” Day 2!  Dr. Gashinsky presentation  Dr. Glen Gero presentation
IMG_0617-300x226 IMG_0627-1-300x226 IMG_0585-300x226
 Dr. Tanya Maximoff presentation  Dr. Gerald Buchoff presentation  Natural food and fun for all!
 IMG_0641-300x226  rafflewinner1-300x226  rafflewinner2-300x226
 Raffles and prizes!
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Dr. Vladimir Gashinsky becomes President of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce Millburn, New Jersey, Chapter!

“I wanted to be able to help our patients gain optimum health by gathering a group of local holistic practitioners together, learning what they do and referring them to any patient who may be in need. This is why I became President of the only Holistic Chamber of Commerce in New Jersey!” says Dr. Gashinsky

The Holistic Chamber of Commerce Millburn NJ Chapter represents holistic professionals, practitioners and businesses. We encourage and promote healthy living, and support the professionals and businesses that make it possible.

To see this event and watch the testimonials from holistic experts, click here.

To learn more click here:

“Gathering of the Holistic Minds”- a Road to Total Wellness for Our Patients

HOLISTIC-HEALTH-232x300Dr. Gashinsky has been a practicing holistic dentist for well over 10 years and holds degrees in nutrition and biological dentistry.

Holistic or Biological Dentistry simply put is how the mouth and body are connected.  This is why he has taken an oath of “do no harm “and will only use the safest materials and natural remedies to help his patients such as ozone in all it’s forms, natural herbal antibiotics such as oregano and metal free fillings, zirconia implants and procedures that allow the body to heal itself.

Dr. Gashinsky and his wife Ella, who is also a nutritional counselor, had a vision when they built their Holistic Dental Center, which was to not only to practice healthy and healing dentistry but to also help and educate the community on total wellness.

They have been holding free community events in their center twice a year discussing the relationship of the mouth to the rest of the body.  At the same time, they invited practitioners such as thermographers, holistic health coaches, chiropractors and more speak at these events to give the community free information on living a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

While doing these events the public’s reaction was so overwhelmingly positive, that more practitioners wanted to get involved.  This gave Dr. Gashinsky and Ella an idea – something that hasn’t been done in this area before.  “Why don’t we gather all the holistic practitioners here to create a symbiotic environment of total wellness for our patients?”

So the first “Gathering of the Holistic Minds” party was born.  This gathering was a way of laying the foundation of mutually helping our patients and building our Holistic Community.  Because, as holistic practitioners, we work together to enhance our patients as a whole, and when we work in partnership for the benefit of our patient’s well being, the end result will be greater than if we worked alone.

On Wednesday June 22, from 7 – 9pm, Dr Gashinsky hosted at his Holistic Dental Center at  91 Millburn Ave in Millburn, a party like none other.

The gathering included functional medicine physicians, naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, Reiki healers, Essential Oil therapists and more.  They created a high energy environment of healers of all kinds with the same ultimate goal: getting our patients to their highest level of health and well being.

Together we will continue to build a community of like-minded practitioners, and that night, several very exciting announcements were made involving the Holistic community.  Once they are solidified, they will be announced to the public.

Our first gathering was a success and Dr G is looking forward to having more!


If you are a holistic practitioner of any kind and would love to be involved in our movement, let us know and would love to have you come on board.  At the end of the day our patients deserve the best and the “Gathering of the Holistic Minds” is the beginning of a nurturing, healing and enlightening group ready to serve.

Call us at (973)379-9080 or email us at to join in the journey together for the greater good of those we care for. 

Dr Gashinsky is very excited to be a part of something that can be life changing for many!