The Holistic Approach to Dental Hygiene

Don’t take for granted that your dentist and hygienist are cleaning your teeth in the best way possible. A holistic teeth cleaning offers a safer, healthier approach to dental cleanings for your teeth and gums, and even provides welcome perks for your overall well-being.


Benefits of a Holistic Teeth Cleaning


A holistic teeth cleaning stands apart from a “regular” teeth cleaning for several reasons:


• Rather than just using “plain” water, essential oils are infused into the water.
• The water is ozonated, meaning it has been cleaned and purified.
• This treated water not only disinfects the area being cared for but also allows for an enhanced immune response.
• A dental cleaning technique is utilized, resulting in a safer, more pleasant, and more comfortable way to clean teeth.


Ozone therapy is also employed as a holistic approach to help treat periodontal disease, serve as part of root canal treatment, or be used to manage tooth sensitivity, bone infections, sores, and more. The ozone kills bacteria and neutralizes acidic waste, creating a new environment that allows healthy bacteria to grow.


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Why Digital X-Rays Rise Above the Rest


You will typically get X-rays done at your dentist once a year to monitor any changes in your mouth and identify cavities or other problems that may be stirring under the surface. A holistic dentistry office uses digital X-rays, setting itself apart yet again from typical dental cleaning practices.


Digital X-ray machines decrease a patient’s radiation exposure by an incredible 90 percent. They also pose less of an environmental threat as the images are captured digitally rather than requiring film and processing chemicals.


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It’s Time for Your Holistic Teeth Cleaning


Holistic dentistry practices operate in an effort to provide their patients with access to the healthiest, safest kinds of dental care possible. At Dr. G’s Millburn, NJ, office, each exam room is fully equipped to carry out all procedures, including the removal and replacement of amalgam fillings.


Make your appointment today for your holistic teeth cleaning and to learn more about how your oral health affects your total health and wellness.


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