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A 2019 Study Reinforces the Risks of Mercury Exposure

Research published last year in the Journal of Occupational Medicine and Toxicology It indicates that during dental operations requiring drilling on amalgam fillings, the safety limits for mercury toxicity can be surpassed if special measures are not in place, per the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). The study also reveals that when [...]

Sleeping Well Means Better Oral Health

Sleep is essential, and the body will reinforce how essential it is by increasing the side effects the longer you remain sleep deprived. A lack of sleep will increase the odds of feeling lethargic, mental performance will suffer, a person will become more irritable, and it may also contribute to greater odds of serious [...]

Have a Nutrient-Infused Piece of Dark Chocolate

Chocolate is a confection often saddled with a bad reputation. However, the darker it is, the healthier it becomes. Indeed, dark chocolate is packed with nutrients that may contribute positively to your health. A few pieces in moderation and ensuring you’re brushing and flossing after consumption may do a world of good. The more cocoa [...]

The FDA Issues Warning Against the Use of Mercury

Some major news is coming from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The federal agency recently released a safety communication warning about the use of mercury-containing dental amalgam and how it may negatively affect individuals. Children, pregnant women are two of several groups that are especially susceptible to the potentially harmful health effects of [...]

Dr. Vladimir Gashinsky Is the First to Use Biocompatible SDS Ceramic Implant Technology

Milburn, NJ – 09/29/2020 – Dr. Vladimir Gashinsky of Holistic Dental Center New Jersey is among the first in the United States to receive hands-on training at the Swiss BioHealth® Clinic, a biological dentistry clinic pioneering biocompatible high-performance material zirconia implants. Dr. Gashinsky is the only doctor in the state of New Jersey providing technology [...]

Pomegranate’s Heart Healthy Properties

Pomegranate has a long history of being good for the body, and its tartness has also made it a longtime favorite. As research into its effect continues, there may be more to pomegranate than originally thought. Today, pomegranate may also pack other positive qualities, including antioxidant, anti-depressive, and even heart protection properties. Pomegranate is often [...]

You May Already Be Enjoying the Benefits of Chlorophyll

You may be familiar with photosynthesis, the process used by plants where they absorb sunlight and then transform into nourishment to assist with growth. While it’s largely relegated to plants, the process is also to important to humans as oxygen is an important byproduct. The pigment chlorophyll is an essential component in photosynthesis, responsible for [...]