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Prioritize Your Mental Health

The pandemic has forced a radical change in the way we live our lives, and although the coronavirus is capable of causing noticeable physical symptoms, it is also wreaking havoc on another vital part of the body: mental health. Anxiety and depression are at all-time highs, reinforcing the need to take the time to find [...]

Treat Your Cold With a Dose of Honey

Upper respiratory infection (URI) is the medical term referring to what most people simply call the common cold. This common virus typically affects children more than adults yet even adults can catch a cold as much as four times a year. Though often treated with over the counter products like decongestants, at-home treatments are often [...]

This Relaxing Herb May Help With Tension Headache Relief

If you’re experiencing a headache, chances are it’s a tension headache. With the pandemic and everything else going on, you may find yourself experiencing these a lot more often, which occur when neck and scalp muscle tense up. These headaches may be exacerbated by poor sleep quality and poor posture. A natural option you may [...]

Welcome a Snake Plant into Your Home

When walking into the home of a person who keeps a lot of plants around, you may have been overcome with a sense of calm. Plants have been shown to help with boosting oxygen and relieving stress but people don’t often have the time to dedicate to keeping houseplants healthy. A snake plant might be [...]

There’s Nothing Sour About Lemon’s Health Benefits

Water provides essential hydration and when you throw a lemon into it during your morning routine, it makes for a great, healthy way to kick off your day. Besides being rich in the all-important vitamin C, lemon also boasts many additional benefits including supporting heart and digestive health as well as helping with weight [...]

Prebiotics Provide Many Benefits

There is plenty of research on probiotics and how they may contribute to better oral health. Everything from the prevention and treatment of oral infections to periodontal disease may be assisted by probiotics. These probiotics are able to grow a sort of biofilm of sorts that functions as a protective lining. Something you may not [...]

Mercury Fillings and Amalgam Removal

A person can become immunocompromised by a variety of factors, and one of them is mercury. Mercury may negatively affect the immune system and it can also spread to other parts of the body like the nervous system. Because the immune and nervous systems are so closely intertwined, what negatively affects one will inadvertently affect [...]

Sharpen Your Memory with Rosemary

Rosemary is an herb commonly used for culinary purposes and also for its therapeutic properties. It has a strong aroma and its lemon-like flavor makes it a popular addition in Italian and French dishes. While its culinary qualities are well-known, what you may not know is that rosemary also has medicinal properties. With is anti-inflammatory [...]

Ease Knee Pain with Sesame Seeds

A staple in many kitchens, sesame seeds provide a number of health benefits. Cultivated from plants with a history going back thousands of years, sesame seeds were seen as symbols of being immortal in ancient times and they were used by Egyptians and Persians in flour. Nowadays, they remain popular condiments in countries like Japan, [...]

A Brief Look at Biological Dentistry

Biological dentistry is not a new form of dentistry. Instead, it’s more along the lines of a philosophy that can apply as much to dentistry as it does to healthcare: seeking a safe, nontoxic approach to providing treatment. A fundamental component of biological dentistry is taking a biocompatible approach to a patient’s oral health. What [...]