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Differentiating Between a Panic and Heart Attack

One of the common symptoms associated with a heart attack is feeling strong pressure in the chest. However, this strong pressure in the chest is also a symptom commonly associated with panic or anxiety attacks. Knowing how to tell the two apart can help. Blood supply to the heart has unexpectedly been blocked when a [...]

Check out Our Latest “New Me” Wellness Series Video

Have you checked out our “New Me” series? It’s packed with useful information and concentrates on ensuring that all aspects of your health are in tune. From your physical health to your spiritual and emotional wellness, all of these collectively contribute to well being and play essential roles in living a healthier life. We recently [...]

The Potent Power of Chaga

You’ll need to head to the birch trees in the northern hemisphere to find chaga mushroom, a superfood said to be packed with several health benefits. With extensive roots in folk medicine, it has earned different names, from “kreftkjuke” to “Hua Jie Kong Jun” and more. In terms of medicinal properties, chaga is a powerful [...]

Strengthening the Immune System

As the body’s first line of defense, the immune system is constantly dealing with the threat of the various organisms inhaled, swallowed, or that a person is exposed to every day. When it’s doing its job, the battle going on behind the scenes goes unnoticed but when it’s weak, the consequences may manifest as infections [...]

Stay Active and Keep Your Distance

Sheltering in place and social distancing continue to be encouraged. However, it’s just as important not to remain sedentary and maintain some degree of physical activity. In fact, according to an NPR article, you may want to consider going outside. Health experts say you have fewer chances of coming into contact with virus particles outdoors [...]