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The Power of Leucine

Sarcopenia is the name given to a type of muscle loss that’s most often caused by leading a largely sedentary lifestyle. It mostly affects adults in their 60s and beyond and its development can also be caused by the food a person consumes. As you probably know, muscles require protein to remain strong and healthy. [...]

Save Big with Our New Patient Offer

Now that we are officially opened again for business, we are excited to welcome our new and loyal patients to Holistic Dental Center New Jersey. We’ve taken extra measures on top of our existing ones to make the experience as safe as possible, which you can read more about by checking out our Re-Opening Health Protocols: [...]

The Healthy Digestive Effects of Chicory

Chicory is a versatile herb that can also make for a healthy addition to your meals. It is packed with essential vitamins like A, C, E, and more and it is also infused with minerals, including zinc, manganese, iron, and calcium. Chicory also has a dietary fiber called inulin capable of assisting with digestion. Though [...]

Fight Coughs With the Power of Honey

Honey is one of those versatile foods that has seemingly infinite uses. However, it also deserves a spot in your medicine cabinet. When dealing with a pesky cough, studies increasingly show that honey may be just as potent in suppressing the cough as an over-the-counter solution. The medicinal qualities of honey go back centuries to [...]

7 Not-So-Secret Benefits of Holistic Dentistry

7 Not-So-Secret Benefits of Holistic Dentistry Holistic dentistry is about more than fixing and cleaning your teeth but fixing your health. Any regular dentist will be able to perform standard fillings, but is filling your teeth with metal the best solution? Of course, it is not! Holistic dentistry emphasizes on one’s life and well-being; starting [...]