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If Not Mercury—Then What?

If Not Mercury, Then What? In a September 2020 statement, the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) updated its information and potential risks to certain high-risk individuals likely associated with mercury amalgam fillings. As holistic dental practitioners, we feel that mercury safety should apply to not only high-risk people but to everyone—including those who are autoimmune [...]

Amalgam/Mercury Fillings and the Effects on Autoimmune Disease

Amalgam/Mercury Fillings and the Effects on Autoimmune DiseaseMany of us have gone our whole lives with amalgam (commonly known as mercury) fillings in our teeth. Over time, scientific studies have shown that these types of fillings can significantly affect our overall health, especially those with Autoimmune Disease.As a mercury-safe and mercury-free dentist, Dr. Gashinsky has [...]

4 Oral Issues That Autoimmune Diseases Can Cause

  Did you know that March is Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month? Autoimmune diseases have a long prodromal period—years, sometimes decades, of pain, fatigue, brain fog, mental health issues, and other symptoms related to your oral health.  Our bodies rely on the immune system to protect us from infectious diseases and, for the most part, it [...]