96.8% of our patients would refer friends and family to us!


The staff were very welcoming and helpful. They thoroughly answered all my questions and explained it so that I could understand. Dr Gashinsky and his staff made my visit very comfortable and informative. I love that his practice is a holistic approach because what goes on in your mouth affects the rest of your body.

5-star-icon-14 Anon


I had tooth extraction and surgery. I had no swelling pain after the procedure. I had an x-ray and cleaning exam and it was very thorough. I never had one done so intense, it took over one hour. They explained each step. The staff were very friendly, very clean and relaxed atmosphere. I was terrified of past dental experiences but now I was so calm almost fell asleep. I will definitely keep going back and will highly recommend Vladimir Gashinsky and staff to everyone.

5-star-icon-14 Esther Ortiz


Our consultation visit was handled fast and courteous. very professional.

5-star-icon-14 Rajasekar Jacob


I had a great experience the staff was very friendly I highly recommend them. The staff and the Doc are great !!!!!

5-star-icon-14 Maria Pocsi 


This Week I went for a periodontal maintenance, Tatyana being a highly skilled and talented professional, did an awesome job. Thanks to all Dr. G Team!

5-star-icon-14 Ramiro Silva


It was a very advanced way of going to a dentist. The staff is loving, knowledgeable and they move quietly. The Doctor is th he star… A seasoned gentleman with a no nonsense manner. Highly recommended!

5-star-icon-14Brenda Johnson


Everyone is so nice, the office is beautiful and impeccably clean, and the work is very professional.

5-star-icon-14Krissy Huetz 


Great checkup.

5-star-icon-14 Irene O’Neill


Excellent experience!

5-star-icon-14Ira Berkowitz


Dr G is an amazing dentist, he is educated with his Mind and Heart along with his whole team, who are just beautiful people! It’s the first dentist which I feel excited to return for an appointment. They really work with you (insurance or not ) and make sure you have the right amount of care with smiles all around! Thank you Holistic Dental Center! Feel so blessed to have found you!!

5-star-icon-14Diana Saturna


My experience at Holistic Dental Center was excellent. It was unlike any dentist I have been to in the past. I went in for x-rays and a dental cleaning because I was having pain with my lower right wisdom tooth. I was given a thorough explanation of my issue and unlike most dentists was shown on a widescreen monitor all angles of x-rays of my mouth. I saw my teeth both visually and problems with them were explained to me in a way they never were before. I also appreciated the natural approach to dental care . I highly recommend the Holistic Dental Center and even though it is a distance from my home I will continue to use them for my dental needs.

5-star-icon-14Anthony Valle


Friendly service. And I like the holistic approach to dental health.

5-star-icon-14Chloe Weiss 


The service was very professional.

5-star-icon-14David Blount


I had such a great experience at the Holistic Dental Center. I am at the end of my third trimester of pregnancy. Since the baby has been taking a lot of my calcium, my gums in the bottom back four teeth had suddenly receded and I had four black cavities where the gums went down. I was very scared because I didn’t want any harm to come to my baby by introducing toxins. I searched for a holistic dentist on the web and came across this office. As soon as I called, they began to ease my fears. The office staff is so nice, the doctors are very talented, and every method they use is safe. I had no pain during the procedures and my teeth look great! Most importantly, I know my baby and I were safe in their hands. My family and I will definitely be using this office for all of our dental needs. We live a little over an hour away, but the drive is worth it. Thanks to everyone there! 🙂

5-star-icon-14Melissa Honeywell


It was great! So professional, organized and no pain with the cavity filling! Claudia and the entire staff were excellent!

5-star-icon-14Kathleen D’angelo



5-star-icon-14Starlette Kirby 


Excellent dentist. Dr. G thank you for taking such good care of me!!!

5-star-icon-14Matthew Pross 


For all my life, I have always been conscious of dental care, but over the last 5 years I found myself having many tooth problems. I kept putting off seeing a dentist because I knew my problems were getting worse and that I was subconsciously avoiding the dentist. I know it sounds crazy because when you know you have problems, then that is the exact reason you should handle it immediately. Because I waited, the pain level got so intense that I couldn’t avoid it anymore. My wife and I both know quite a bit about holistic dentistry and how few practitioners can meet our standards, which was a key factor in causing my delay. So when I heard about Dr. Gashinsky and the technology he uses in his practice, I knew I had found the right dentist. All I can say is that I was overwhelmed with Dr. Gashinsky’s level of skill and knowledge. I immediately felt at home and his entire staff was supportive and highly qualified in every area of their practice. After Dr. Gashinsky evaluated my teeth and gums and gave me his recommendations as to what needed to be accomplished, it allowed me to let go of my apprehensions and then I turned it all over to him. I am REALLY happy for the dental work I received from Dr. Gashinsky. I am also grateful for all the kind and loving care I received from ALL his staff and would never look for another dentist, ever again.

5-star-icon-14by Leonardo Spadaccini

Whole experience was excellent.

5-star-icon-14by Irene O’Neill

I had major surgery on my upper teeth area. The staff and Dr. G made me feel very comfortable and the procedure went well. I so appreciate having found Dr. G because he really has helped me by coming up with a plan and procedure to fix botched up issues from another dentist.

5-star-icon-14by Elvira Fernandez

Excellent staff and service!

 5-star-icon-14by Nour Alayan

Everyone is nice there, the facilities are clean and it has a comfortable vibe.

5-star-icon-14by Kyle Mamounis

GREAT DENTAL CARE in a friendly and yet highly professional office! Dr.G. Is an EXCELLENT caring Dentist who has been doing a GREAT JOB taking care of my teeth for more than twenty years! Using the most modern (and painless) technology, he anticipates dental situations and takes care of them before they become problems! I highly recommend this Dental practice to anyone who is concerned about keeping their teeth in excellent condition!!

5-star-icon-14by Linda Popick

I was extremely pleased by the care that I received. I broke a tooth on Friday and was seen Saturday morning. The office staff and Dr. G treated the problem and I left very pleased. I would recommend the Holistic Dental Center to all my family and friends.

5-star-icon-14by Irene O’Neill

Great service and staff!

5-star-icon-14by Michelle Itidiare

I had an implant procedure done and it was flawless. NO PAIN! Dr. G is the best.

5-star-icon-14by Susan Soto

Exceeded all expectations. Dr. Grashinski is in a different league.

5-star-icon-14by Yitzchak Gottesman

Thank you Dr. Sawhney & Dr. Gashinsky for two great visits! The first visit I had was the best dentist visit of my life! I twas incredibly informative and they did a great job fixing my teeth!!! I’ve always been really scared of dentists since some bad experiences, but Dr. Sawhney makes me feel very comfortable. She is thorough, honest, and makes me laugh when I’m nervous! – this Dental Center is amazing 5 stars !!!!

5-star-icon-14by Joelle Perry

I went in for a clean and the dental hygienist did an excellent job. She was very meticulous and I believe that was my best clean ever. She was pleasant and professional she explained areas where I needed to concentrate on cleaning better and on the microscopic evaluation she allowed me to see the live sample. I now have a comprehensive understanding of everything that goes on in my mouth and how best to maintain superb oral hygiene. Thanks to the entire staff for making my visit a very pleasant one.

5-star-icon-14by Susan Herman

Very nice experience. Very professional.

5-star-icon-14by Fred Miller

Always a great experience visiting Holistic Dental Center. Dr. G is the best

5-star-icon-14by Christine Hildebrand

My 8 year old loves coming to the dentist!

5-star-icon-14by Julia Dempsey

The staff is so incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. It is office that works together. I am on my fifth dentist to find the root cause of my inflamed gums. So far feeling better. I am confident the recommended treatment will work.

5-star-icon-14by Gail Sinnott