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Date and Time:

April 12, 2018, (Eastern Time and Canada)

Starts at 7 pm!


Dr. Vladimir Gashinsky, DDS ND CNC AIAOMT IABDM



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“My Tooth is Connected to What?” Demystifying Tooth Meridians

Just imagine if someone would tell you that your infected tooth is the cause of your digestive problem, what would you think? Is it ABSOLUTELY unrelated? We tend to forget that everything in our body is interconnected. Just think about acupuncture ‐ how does a small needle fix your pain or more extensive problems? Listen to our next highly anticipated webinar on Tooth Meridians; what they are, what they mean and how do they affect your whole body. Whether you have questions or think its pseudoscience, we want you to listen in so you can unravel the myths and misconceptions of this centuries old system.

Join us for our NEW WEBINAR on Thursday April 12,  from 7-8 pm (Eastern Time – US and Canada) and listen to Dr. Gashinksy to show you how Meridian Tooth Chart can help you achieve better health.

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