New Patient Experience


“First visit to our practice? Here’s what to expect when you arrive for the initial consultation”

Over the course of 60-90 minutes Dr. Gashinsky will conduct a comprehensive exam that goes beyond “just looking at your teeth” as a standalone part of your body. You’ll take a full set of (2D) low radiation digital x-rays where the doctor will determine if there are any visible concerns like focal infections and review the root canal of each individual tooth. We provide you the option to take a supplement that eliminates free radicals as an extra level of protection.  Additionally he’ll use the Meridian tooth to organ chart to identify the relationship between oral issues and experiences with possible problematic health concerns elsewhere in the body.

Expect Dr. Gashinsky to take ample time to review your medical history while discussing any concerns you may have. He’ll look at the quality of your teeth, thoroughly examining enamel, possible cavities or pockets, gum health, and other aspects of oral care while also identifying any areas of concern. With over 20-years of experience as a biological dentist and a certified naturopath, Dr. Gashinsky will ask questions during your consultation if any issues arise.

We then take a sample of your oral bacteria and put it under a microscope for further inspection. You’ll be able to join and see for yourself, what kind of bacteria is present and determine if the bacteria puts you at low, medium or high risk for periodontal issues. Because your mouth is the gateway to the body, our holistic dentistry approach recognizes the relationship between teeth and organs not separate systems but connected and operate as a symbiotic relationship.

Between your x-rays, bacteria sample, medical history and initial exam, Dr. Gashinsky has collected enough data to make his diagnosis and will recommend a treatment plan. Afterwards you’ll sit down with your Treatment Coordinator who will explain your proposed treatment, recommendations and answer all your questions. You’ll be able to learn our approach, biocompatib