Holistic Teeth Cleaning & Dental Check-Ups

Our holistic approach to teeth cleanings addresses not only your oral health, but also the health of your body.  Recent research shows that gum disease plays a role in many systemic diseases such as:

  • Increased risk of heart attack and stroke
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Pancreatic Cancer
  • Pre-term Birth and low birth weight babies
  • Worsening of Diabetes
  • Breast Cancer risk

Because of this we have set the bar to a much higher standard, and our cleanings are unlike any you have experienced before.  Every cleaning includes a periodontal and oral cancer screening and a comprehensive dental exam. We also use digital x-rays which have 90% less radiation than conventional ones.


Experience a Truly Holistic Teeth Cleaning!


Because this is not just the “normal” teeth cleaning you may have had many times before.

When we clean teeth, we do it the holistic way! That means 100% natural ingredients, pure, non-fluoride, filtered water, a comprehensive exam and a set of low-radiation X-rays. In other words, thorough, healthy for the body and excellent for your teeth and gums.

One holistic cleaning will keep your teeth bright for a long time!

And wait, here is the good news:

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How are our cleanings different?

What sets a holistic cleaning apart from any other cleaning are several things. Unlike most dental offices we pay attention to the details in that we don’t just clean the teeth, we use systems to enhance your bodies own healing properties. First we check to see what kind of bacteria you have in the mouth which can possibly cause gum disease which in turn can increase your risk of a multitude of systemic diseases. In addition we use several irrigation systems that assist in:

  • Reducing the bacterial load in the mouth
  • Introducing oxygen into the gum tissues
  • The healing, soothing and toning of the gum tissues

Our holistic cleanings use the finest in modern technology while eliminating the use of potentially toxic substances like fluoride and chemicals. Most describe the experience as “spa like” or “the best cleaning I have ever had!”

Our goal is to give you an experience that you’ve never had before.  If you’re looking for the best that dentistry has to offer, call and we’ll schedule your holistic teeth cleaning for you and your family.

Oral spirochetes are very aggressive creatures that multiply by the trillions in the crevice between the tooth and gum, where they are fed constantly by the fluid coming from the blood inside the body which leaks out constantly due to improper oral hygiene. These bacteria can go through the skin of the gums and once inside the body, they can go through the blood stream to any part of the body where they can easily invade the blood vessels and damage them. With our state-of-the-art equipment, Dr. G can detect and treat these dangerous bacteria.