Holistic Cosmetic Dentistry – the Best of Both Worlds

Cosmetic dentistry has become a big factor because who wouldn’t want a bright, perfect smile? Yet, cosmetic procedures such as teeth whitening or bleaching, as well as implants to replace missing teeth, veneers to cover misshaped teeth or a gum lift are often invasive procedures that could affect your health.

Cosmetic dentistry is more than just whitening your teeth. Many patients want their teeth straightened, any cracks in the teeth resolved or missing teeth replaced before they can be happy with their smile. And, frankly, there are also quite a few patients who need gum treatment before they can even think about whitening their teeth.

In other words, a pearly white smile may need more work than you think! And that’s where holistic dentistry comes in.

Holistic dentistry takes the view that whatever is done on your teeth will affect your entire body and thus your health. Holistic or biologic dentistry takes care of your teeth with the purpose of taking care of your overall health. We do this by only using natural, organic materials and 100% safe procedures.

Your teeth are directly connected to important organs in your body – whatever is wrong in your mouth directly reflects on your health. Studies have shown that a mere gum disease increases the risk of heart attacks, strokes – even premature babies. That’s why choosing a holistic dentist is so important!

Holistic teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry not only makes your teeth beautiful, it ensures that you stay healthy during and following those procedures. In addition to a beautiful smile, you will have a healthy smile which may probably be more important!

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