Dental Crowns

Improve Your Smile and Your Health with Non-Metallic All Porcelain Zirconia Dental Crowns

Teeth that are broken or have large defective fillings can be restored to proper form, function, and appearance with all porcelain non-metallic zirconia dental crowns. Dental crowns can also be used for cosmetic enhancement.

Benefits of All Porcelain Zirconia Crowns

Non-Metallic All Porcelain Zirconia Crowns Offer You Many Benefits:

    • Restores broken teeth back to proper function and appearance
    • Repairs and replaces fractured fillings 
    • Protects your teeth from breaking any further by reinforcing and strengthening them
    • Non-metallic all porcelain crowns will not cause an immune response in metal sensitive patients 
  • Proven to be durable and withstands strong chewing and grinding forces.
    • Improved aesthetics since there are no “gray lines” or “dark shadows” at the gumline.
  • Holistic Dental Center stands behind their work and is proud to offer a limited Dental Warranty

How it Works

When a tooth is fractured, heavily decayed, or has an overly large filling, it is more likely to lose strength and be susceptible to further damage. The Holistic Dental Center team may recommend a crown, often called a “cap,” to strengthen and protect the remaining tooth structure. Crowns can be matched to your adjacent teeth to improve the appearance of your smile.




Non-Metallic All Porcelain Zirconia Dental Bridges

Restore Your Missing Teeth with Metal-Free Dental Tooth Bridges

Do you have missing teeth? Would you like to replace or restore your smile? Your missing teeth may be causing you jaw pain or headaches.

Naturally-colored dental bridges can be used to restore your smile and eliminate your related pain.

Non-metallic porcelain dental bridges may be an option for those who can not or choose not to have dental implants. An all porcelain zirconia bridge can replace a missing tooth and is cemented onto the adjacent teeth permanently! No more taking teeth in and out with a removable appliance. All our dental bridges and crowns are completely metal free and are backed by a limited dental warranty


  • Replace Your Teeth and Restore Your Smile – A dental bridge will replace your missing teeth, improve your smile, and look completely natural. You’ll have a great “new smile” that you’ll want to show to everybody!
  • Natural-Looking White Teeth – Dental bridges look completely natural and give you a new smile that makes you look and feel great.


How it Works

Lost teeth can make you feel too embarrassed to smile. In addition, when a tooth (or teeth) are lost and not replaced, your teeth can drift from their proper position, causing jaw pain and headaches and increasing the likelihood of decay.

Holistic Dental Center can insert a natural looking, tooth-colored bridge into the space where your tooth or teeth are missing to restore your smile back to its original appearance. Bridges are tooth replacements that are attached to adjoining natural teeth. Dental bridges are also an effective way to prevent the unsightly “drifting” of teeth that can occur when you are missing one or more teeth.