Dental Bonding





Restore Broken Teeth, Fill in Gaps, and Improve Your Smile with Dental Tooth Bonding

Do your teeth have chips, gaps, or stains that make you feel too embarrassed to smile? 

Dental bonding can improve the appearance of your teeth to correct chips or gaps and to whiten teeth that have stains that can’t be removed by whitening.

Benefits of Dental Bonding


    • A fantastic, natural-looking smile – Dental tooth bonding will improve your smile while looking completely natural. The end result is a “perfect smile” that you’ll be proud to show off to the world! 
    • Fix chipped teeth – Chipped teeth can be corrected and enhanced to have the shape of healthy natural teeth. Your teeth will be restored back to their natural appearance and you’ll feel great about smiling again. 
    • Remove unsightly gaps – If you have embarrassing gaps between your teeth they can be easily closed with dental teeth bonding.
    • Natural-looking white teeth – Dental bonding can be used to eliminate stains and give you a bright, white smile that makes you look and feel great.



How Does It Work?

Holistic Dental Center’s tooth bonding process includes the use of a natural-looking tooth-colored material that is BPA, Bis-GMA and Fluoride free and is applied to your natural teeth to improve their size, shape, or color. Dr. Gashinsky sculpts this composite bonding resin to restore your chipped or broken teeth, fill in gaps, and reshape or recolor your smile. And best of all, this dental procedure only takes one appointment.



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