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The Biological Dentist – Separating Fact From Fiction

When any alternatives to traditional thinking appear, they typically attract a fair deal of skepticism. Unfortunately, this can lead to people skipping out on something truly great because of a few baseless myths. This issue shows up in holistic, or biological dentistry quite often. By dispelling some common biological dentist myths, we can get a [...]

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Try This Dental Diet for Healthy Gums!

The health of your gums is influenced by a number of factors such as oral hygiene, genetic factors, your overall health and nutrition. Many studies have found that a balanced diet plays an important role in maintaining the health of your gums. Additionally, nutritional supplements and a healthy diet have been known to affect healing [...]

Metal-Free Zirconia Dental Implants – Taking The Holistic Approach

With holistic dentistry, it’s not just about taking an approach that works - it’s about finding dental solutions that work best in accordance with a patient’s entire body and health. While the traditional route of titanium dental implants does get the job done, it has several downsides that make it inferior to the holistic approach. [...]

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Will Nutrition Prevent Gum Disease?

Will Nutrition Prevent Gum Disease? A recent German study has found that a healthy diet containing lots of fruits, vegetables (especially legumes), nuts and fish, and minimizing trans-fatty acids, sugar, dairy products and other animal protein helps protect your mouth against gum disease and other inflammatory diseases. The study worked with two groups – one [...]

The Importance of Vitamin D for Your (Dental) Health

The Importance of Vitamin D for Your (Dental) Health Normally we think of Vitamin D as “just another vitamin in my daily package,” but the qualities of this vitamin cannot be overstated enough. First off, Vitamin D is not actually a vitamin, it is what’s called a “prohormone” which is a substance that is converted [...]

Is Your Body Ready for an Implant?

Is Your Body Ready for an Implant? When we think of improving our smile with beautiful teeth, we don’t often think what creating that smile with dental procedures may do to our overall health. We just trust our dentist to make the right decision. But, if your dentist isn’t a holistic dentist, he or she [...]

Zirconia Implants: The Holistic Solution to a New Smile

If you are in need of dental implants, it can be difficult to know where to start. If you are looking for an effective, holistic approach - consider the benefits of zirconia implants. These implants have strength, style, and health benefits that set them apart from titanium implants. Let’s go over a few reasons why [...]

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How Safe is Amalgam Removal?

How Safe is Amalgam Removal? More and more people consider mercury removal from their teeth, and for good reason. Mercury is one of the most toxic substances in the world and is a powerful poison that causes health hazards. Mercury vapor is continuously emitted from dental fillings, accumulates in the body over time and is [...]

Ozone Treatment for Gum Disease – Does it Work?

Ozone Treatment for Gum Disease – Does it Work? According to the U.S. Surgeon General, 85% of adults will suffer from some form of gum disease in their lifetime. That’s quite a statistic. Given that gum disease is avoidable and easily treatable, that number is way too high. It is one of the most common medical complications [...]

Make Your Smile Shine With a Holistic Dental Cleaning

When it comes to dental cleanings, many people think about their dentist performing a quick check-up, removing tartar buildup, and providing some fluoride treatment. A holistic dental cleaning, on the other hand, takes a more expansive approach to oral health. The term ‘holistic’ in medicine refers to “the treatment of the whole person, taking into [...]

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