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The Meridian Tooth Chart – The Road Map to Your Health

The Meridian Tooth Chart – The Road Map to Your Health In a recent webinar, Dr. Vladimir Gashinsky discussed the Meridian Tooth Chart: what it is and what it means for your health. In this webinar, Dr. Gashinsky explained what meridians factually are: energy paths that help vital parts of your body communicate with each other. [...]

Using Herbs in Dentistry

Using Herbs in Dentistry Herbs are staging a comeback and herbal ‘renaissance’ is happening all over the globe. The herbal products, today, symbolize safety, in contrast to the synthetics that are regarded as unsafe to humans and the environment. A herb, botanically speaking, is any plant that lacks the woody tissue which is characteristic of [...]

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Uplifting Humanity – Is it Possible?

Uplifting Humanity - Is it Possible? With an earth population of 7.6 billion people and growing, the concept of uplifting humanity is a difficult one. We certainly have our ideas and opinions, but how far do those reach? Likely our family and community, possibly our neighborhood and maybe our city - but reviewing this concept [...]

The Deeper Meaning of a Holistic Lifestyle

The Deeper Meaning of a Holistic Lifestyle “Transformational travel is a wonderful and fulfilling way for introspection, meditation and healing your mind body and soul. The body is receptive to optimum healing when it is devoid of toxins which can affect us mentally, physically and emotionally. You can get the most out of your transformational [...]

The History of Mother’s Day

The History of Mother's Day Every year, mothers around the world are celebrated with their own special day, Mother's Day. But you may have wondered, how did this all start? Is this something instituted just for commerce, or was there actually someone who for the first time made an issue of honoring their mother? Well, [...]

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