sorin-gheorghita-094mP_CBdpM-unsplashButter is seeing considerable demand, with the intake of per capita butter up more than 20 percent in the United States during the last decade. The pandemic triggered improvements in eating habits to drive demand for butter ever higher last year.

When saturated fats fell out of favor, and health authorities mistakenly advised Americans to skip such good fats as butter to minimize their risk of heart attack and lose weight, margarine, which came to be made from processed vegetable oils and trans fats, emerged as the go-to spread and cooking partner.

Today, we are aware that processed vegetable oils are among the worst foods to eat, and an influential report conducted in 1997, which analyzed the impact of margarine on cardiovascular disease, showed that the risk of heart failure is raised by margarine. Despite this, margarine remained more popular than butter for decades. It took until 2005 for butter to re-earn its place at the top, and since then, consumption has been growing.

Butter remains something of a guilty pleasure by many, one of those things that you shouldn’t consume, but since it’s just too delicious, people indulge in it regardless. However, this is an example where you can indulge in guilt-free food, since butter is a healthy food, particularly when the milk is derived from grass-fed cows.

Butter is a whole food with nutrients that your body requires, unlike highly refined margarine. These include vitamins A, D, E, and K2, antioxidants, and lecithin (essential for nerve health and metabolizing cholesterol), to name a few.

The health benefits are correlated with several compounds in butterfat. CLA may provide anti-cancer benefits and it is also heart-healthy while also being an anti-inflammatory capable of combating obesity. It is among the most common compounds.

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