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Discover a Treasure of Information on Our Holistic YouTube Channel

Discover a Treasure of Information on Our Holistic YouTube Channel

With already hundreds of subscribers, Dr. G’s Holistic YouTube channel is rapidly gaining popularity. And rightly so, because this channel provides for more than 130 videos including dental tips from Dr. G himself, interviews with holistic practitioners and wellness partners and scores of patient testimonials comprising a full range of holistic dental treatments.

“There is no channel like it on YouTube,” according to one patient. “Here I can find all the information I need about Holistic Dentistry, and I can watch what other patients are saying about the Holistic Dental Center. That means a lot to me.”

“With more than 76% of our population considering the information on social media more important and valuable than paid advertising, YouTube is an excellent medium to show what our practice is all about,” says Dr. G.  “Unlike traditional dentistry, holistic or biologic dentistry takes the whole body into consideration when dental treatments are performed. No toxic substances, no fluoride, no amalgam fillings and many more measures makes holistic dentistry not only healthier for the body, but also infinitely more pleasant.”

For example, Holistic Dental Center’s Nu-Calm Therapy makes a dental visit more relaxed and comfortable, and is a real solution for nervous patients. And if you want to know about dental implants, the explanation is all there. Or, before engaging in invasive cosmetic dental treatment, Dr. G’s new low radiation 3D scanner shows patients the results of their cosmetic treatment and helps the staff to improve diagnosis and care! From alternatives to invasive root-canals and procedures for safe mercury removal to holistic treatments such as thermography or naturopathy – it’s all on the Holistic YouTube channel for viewers to see and get informed.

Informing patients of the procedures they can expect and hearing what other patients are saying is an important mission of the Holistic Dental Center, and also this year there are major plans in the works to increase the number of informative videos and create an “information center” for future patients to learn all about holistic dentistry and its benefits.

So stay tuned!

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