You Put What in My Mouth??

You Put What in My Mouth??

On the 20th of October, an important new documentary will be premiering in theaters across the country, covering the dangers of amalgam (or mercury) fillings. This documentary shows the devastating effects of mercury to dental patients, staff and the environment, and calls for immediate action to prohibit the use of mercury in dental treatment.
This documentary came to realization when Randall Moore, the film’s creator, received news that his father had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Randall immediately set out on a personal journey to find the cause for what might be contributing to this devastating illness. While scouring the scientific literature, a connection was found. There were numerous studies indicating mercury (a known neurotoxin) was a causal factor in the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, and the largest source of mercury in the general population had been repeatedly shown to come from dental mercury fillings. After discovering this information Randall set about making a documentary on the hazards of dental mercury fillings to patients, staff and the global environment.
Here is a preview of this documentary.

After watching the film, you may want to know how to get your mercury dental fillings safely removed, how to get your mercury levels tested and how to detox mercury. Here’s the answer.

IAOMT Protocol For Amalgam Removal

In having your silver fillings replaced, it is important to be aware of the fact that you can be exposed to mercury by ingesting or inhaling mercury vapor when amalgam is removed. That is why our office offers a program for silver amalgam removal that protects both patients and staff during the removal process. Our program follows the highest standards for amalgam removal set forth by the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT). This protocol minimizes your exposure to mercury vapor during amalgam removal, thereby protecting you from potential absorption of mercury into your system. The IAOMT protocol for amalgam removal includes the following:

  1. Patient’s body is draped in an apron to protect their skin and clothing
  2. Patient’s face is covered with a barrier to prevent amalgam particles from contacting the skin or
  3. Goggles are placed to protect the patient’s eyes
  4. Rubber dental dam is used to isolate the teeth and prevent mercury filling particles from contacting the oral mucosa
  5. Saliva ejector is placed behind the dental dam to evacuate air that may contain mercury vapor
  6. Supplemental oxygen is given to the patient with a nasal mask
  7. Charcoal filtration system is placed close to the patient’s head to absorb mercury vapor
  8. Specialized air filtration system called a mercury vapor ionizer is used to bind mercury vapors and send them to an ionzer plate at the opposite end of the room
  9. Dental procedure is done in a negative air pressure room which removes additional traces of mercury vapor
  10. Dental dam is removed and the patient’s mouth is thoroughly rinsed before placing new amalgam-free restorations.

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