Why You Should Get Rid of Your Mercury Fillings

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Why You Should Get Rid of Your Mercury Fillings

Most people know “mercury amalgams” by the name “silver fillings.” While the use of mercury fillings have decreased by 30 percent over the last 10 years, the American Dental Association reports that there are still 122 million Americans with these types of fillings in their mouths. And that’s not a good thing.

What’s Wrong With Mercury or Amalgam?

Mercury exposure can be quite dangerous to someone’s health. There are many ways of getting mercury exposure such as through eating fish or exposure at certain jobs. A recent study has shown that the danger is greatly increased in patients with eight or more dental fillings.

Increased blood mercury levels have always been suspected with amalgam fillings but now the science exists to prove it. High levels of mercury can be toxic; it can possibly cause brain, heart, lung and immune system problems among other things. While mercury exposure from amalgam (“silver”) fillings (which are made up of mercury, tin, silver and other metals) has been a concern in the past, there wasn’t any real solid research performed until now.

Researchers from the University of Georgia studied information collected from over 14,000 patients to examine a link between amalgam and several types of mercury, including blood total mercury, inorganic mercury and methyl mercury. The presence of amalgam fillings was found to increase mercury levels in a patient’s blood, with the levels increasing in conjunction to the number of fillings. Patients with more than eight silver fillings were found to have about 150% more mercury in their blood. In particular, methyl mercury (the most toxic form of mercury) was found to cause damage even at low levels. “As toxicologists, we know that mercury is poison, but it all depends on the dose. So, if you have one dental filling, maybe it’s OK. But if you have more than eight dental filings, the potential risk for adverse effect is higher,” according to the researchers.

Why Proper Amalgam Removal Is So Crucial

It is possible to remove toxic mercury-laced fillings from your mouth. But it must be done with the proper techniques for safe amalgam removal to keep you in good care throughout the procedure. Dr. Vladimir Gashinky’s New Jersey holistic dental practice carefully follows the advised protocol for proper removal of mercury fillings. This protocol minimizes your exposure to mercury vapor during amalgam removal, thereby protecting you from potential absorption of mercury into your system.

As an accredited member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology (IAOMT), you can rest assured that you will be protected to any mercury exposure at our office. Anyone can be mercury free, but not everyone can be mercury safe. If you are living with dental amalgams in your mouth, it’s time to contact our office and pursue a non-toxic, mercury-free alternative.

Our Mercury Removal is Safe!

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