Why We – & Our Patients – Love SDS Ceramic Dental Implants

When you need to have teeth replaced, dental implants are the closest thing you can get to natural – especially if you opt for ceramic implants, with their excellent strength and durability, and their superior aesthetics. Unlike the standard titanium implants, as we saw last time, they’re also biocompatible.

This is why we place only zirconia implants here at the Holistic Dental Center of New Jersey. (Zirconia is one specific type of ceramic.) They’re simply the best option available for patients who choose implants to restore their smiles.

While there are several brands available to a biological dentist, each with their own virtues, we’ve found that implants from Swiss Dental Systems (SDS) are best for fulfilling our commitment to providing the finest dental work possible in a way that supports whole body health and well-being.

What Makes SDS Dental Implants So Special

In the dental world, SDS implants are known for meeting the highest standards in terms of tolerability, health, and aesthetics – as well they should be. They were developed by one of the most well-known biological dentists in Europe, Dr. Karl Ulrich Volz. Creator of the first marketable ceramic implant in 2001, Dr. Volz has gone on to place more ceramic implants than anyone else in the world. His SDS implants are immunologically neutral, having been designed with the principles of biological dentistry in mind.

Most conventional implants are two-piece devices consisting of a fixture – a screw-like structure that’s surgically placed in the jaw bone – and an abutment, onto which replacement teeth can be fixed. This design allows for better customization and flexibility, making adjustments easier.

But it also means there’s necessarily a microgap between the two pieces. This can be a place where harmful bacteria and other oral pathogens accumulate, raising the risk of peri-implantitis and even implant failure. Special cleaning techniques are needed to prevent this from happening.

One of the things SDS offers is a one-piece implant that sits flush with the gums. There’s no microgap to worry about.

For cases where a two-piece implant is needed – for instance, when excess stress on the implant needs to be avoided to ensure successful integration of the implant with the surrounding bone – SDS offers an improved design that minimizes any space in which bacteria could colonize.

SDS implants are also extremely durable, able to last for decades – an important consideration when deciding whether ceramic implants are the best investment for your smile and overall health.

The Benefits of 100% Zirconia Dental Implants

Being 100% zirconia, SDS implants also have all of the virtues we spoke about in our previous post with respect to ceramic dental implants in general:

  • Because zirconia is metal-free, there’s no risk of corrosion, oral galvanism, metal ion release, or sensitivity reactions.
  • Ceramic dental implants are less prone to bacterial buildup than titanium implants.
  • Zirconia implants have a rougher surface, which can help them integrate more successfully with the surrounding jaw bone.
  • Ceramic implants may help you retain more natural bone, especially when platelet rich fibrin (PRF) is used during their placement.
  • Because the whole implant is made of a tooth-colored material, there’s never any risk of dark gray lines appearing on the margins should your gums ever recede or thin.

While no dental implant can truly replace a natural tooth, the zirconia implants from Swiss Dental Solutions come closest. Expertly engineered with biological dentistry in mind, these metal-free, one-piece marvels boast exceptional biocompatibility, lifetime durability, and natural aesthetics. When tooth replacement is needed, they are a top option – an investment in a beautiful, health-promoting smile that stands the test of time.