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Have a Dentist? Why Switch to a Holistic or Biological Dentist!

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Have a Dentist? Why Switch to a Holistic or Biological Dentist!

Most of us are comfortable with what’s familiar and prefer to stay in a content state of mind. Not many of us enjoy change and can be happy with the status quo, even if something isn’t exactly as it should be and we justify it by telling ourselves “well it’s good enough”. As a matter of fact, there have been studies done on the topic. One of the studies showed that 1 out of 3 people would avoid change at any and all cost. But if something isn’t serving you or helping you, wouldn’t you want to change it? Fortunately most people would agree with that statement but when it comes to our healthcare providers it is sometimes a different story.

As part of our routine or annual healthcare visits we see our dentist. Often this is someone we’ve seen for years and have become very comfortable with which is a very good thing… but not always. We need to question if my dentist promotes the use of toxic materials or are they avoiding toxins that can affect me and my family in the long-term? Does my dentist look at my mouth as part of my whole body? Are they paying attention to how conditions in my mouth can affect other organ systems? Is my dentist looking at the root cause of dental disease like why I might be getting cavities all the time or why my gums are always bleeding and the cleanings aren’t really helping?

If there are questions like this running through your mind, it might be time to see a holistic or biological dentist.

What differentiates a biological dentist from a conventional one?

A holistic or biological dentist is a “regular” dentist that has been trained like any dentist but one primary difference is that they have chosen to practice with the philosophy that the mouth is an integral part of the body and cannot be treated separately. A biological dentist practices in such a way as to avoid potentially toxic substances like mercury and fluoride that can affect a patient’s health and will use evidence-based scientific systems and modalities that will protect and enhance the patients health and well-being.

What materials are used biological dentistry?

One common example is using BPA-free fillings along with gentle and natural but highly effective ways of eradicating disease-causing bacteria responsible for tooth decay and gum disease and not just treating symptoms is the main focus of a holistic or biological dentist. In the dictionary biological means relating to the body and isn’t that what the mouth is? The mouth is the gateway to the body and finding a dentist that fully understands this concept is essential to obtaining and maintaining overall health.

A holistic dentist looks for the root cause.

Lastly, the holistic or biological dentist will not only review your dental conditions, they look at your medical history to evaluate any potential correlations and work with many alternative practitioners in tandem to improve a patient’s overall health. As they say, it takes a village and treating the mouth alone or the body alone may not always be the solution so very often there is a working relationship with many healthcare providers.

So if you\’re on the fence and not sure if you really want to make the change, ask yourself – does it make sense to address the mouth as a part of the whole body or using less toxic materials and addressing cause of disease and not just treating dental disease than you might have the answer already.

At the Holistic Dental Center we specialize in holistic or biological dentistry. We pride ourselves on using alternative non-toxic materials and a number of modalities to address the root problems or underlying issues that can contribute to your overall health. If you\’re ready for a more natural approach to your oral health, give us a call today to set up your first appointment.

Ready To Take Control Of Your Health?

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