We Care About Your Safety

We Care About Your Safety

We are all living in challenging times and we will all get through it if we take control of what we can control.  None of us ever thought we would have to be concerned about visiting our friends and family, never mind not being able to hug them. Shelter in place orders, social distancing, and mandatory masks have caused fear and anxiety in some of the population and has prevented them from venturing outside their home. Our goal at the Holistic Dental Center is to allay the fears you may have and assure you that our office is probably one of the safest places you can be.

You may ask how we can make such a bold statement. If we break it down, you will see how we put much thought into how we will be able to help our patients with the care they need in an environment that is considered quite safe. If you go back in time before this pandemic, you can read on the CDC website that it suggests that many should look at dental disinfection protocols as they are some of the most stringent of them all. Because of the nature of our practice, we’ve not only met but exceeded regulations for infection control. Now that we are living in a world where a novel virus has made our society come to a screeching halt, we want to enhance our protocols, even more, to assure your health and safety while you are receiving the treatment that you need and deserve.

Because we value our patients, we sent surveys to hear what was needed to feel safe at the Holistic Dental Center and we were overwhelmed by the wonderful responses. We found that many felt comfortable with our existing protocols and have always felt that we provided a safe environment. Others stated they would like to adhere to social distancing recommendations and making sure that their exposure to pathogens is negligible. We have not only been scouring the information and recommendations that we are gathering from the CDC, ADA, and ADHA; we have been putting together the research on the amazing benefits of ozone, UV light sterilization, and supplementation. Together with our patients’ concerns we have created a protocol that will not just protect our patients above and beyond recommendations, it will enhance their immune system.

We take pride in being on the cutting-edge where we will leave no stone unturned. We have taken the Hippocratic oath to “do no harm” and we will not settle for anything that will not aid in our patient’s welfare and safety. Yes, these are challenging times, but we want to control what we can, and in the coming weeks when we unveil our new paradigm, you will see that our patients will always and have always come first.