Want That Promotion? Upgrade Your Smile

Want That Promotion? Upgrade Your Smile

In a recent issue of Marie Claire, the magazine’s beauty director wrote about her lifelong anxieties with imperfect teeth – leading to unwanted nicknames and the mastery of a closed-mouth smile. As an adult, she could finally afford the orthodontia she’d desperately wanted as a teen. That metal mouth, however, though effective in doing its job, was seriously getting in the way of her career.

Is it worth the pain and suffering (and potential humiliation?) of being a “braceface” as an adult just to get the straight smile you’ve always wanted? To gain some respect around the office? It is, in fact, worth it. And it is, in fact, possible to get a neat line of teeth with invisible braces – more commonly known as Invisalign.

Your Smile Is Part of Your Resume

According to Kelton Research, job candidates with straight teeth are seen as 45 percent more likely to get hired than candidates with crooked teeth. Managed to make it through the interview and land the job, even with a less-than-stellar set of teeth? You’re still under the microscope. The Center for Talent Innovation found that bosses cited stained and crooked teeth as the worst appearance faux pas – one that undermines a person’s executive presence.

Performance, talent, and smarts count – but, let’s face it, appearance cannot be discounted in the professional world.

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Correct Your Smile and Land the Promotion

So what are the options to upgrade your smile if you’re a working professional and want a cosmetic solution done on the sly? If you’re unhappy with a crooked smile, Invisalign will allow you to straighten your teeth quickly without drawing attention to the work that’s being done on your grin.

For a faster solution to a broken-down smile, opt for porcelain veneers, ideal for stained, crooked, chipped, and gapped teeth that may not completely benefit from braces. Veneers create a straight, white, beautiful, natural-looking smile quickly.

To eliminate pesky stains that have settled on your teeth because of coffee, wine, antibiotics, cigarettes, or simply age, consider teeth whitening. You can buy over-the-counter whitening solutions, but they won’t last as long or be nearly as effective as professional teeth whitening done in the dentist’s chair. This kind of deep bleaching is powerful and long-lasting – with immediate results.

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Choosing Your Dental Solution and Dentist

The most important thing to consider when preparing to remedy whatever is wrong with your smile is what dentist you will visit. You want someone who is adept at cosmetic dentistry and orthodontia, but you also want someone who is going to look beyond your smile to make sure your overall well-being is being served by your oral health solutions.

A holistic dentist will treat you completely, examining whether any teeth or gum problems you may be experiencing are being caused by something beyond obvious wear and tear on your teeth. Make your appointment today with Millburn, NJ, holistic dentist Dr. Vladimir Gashinsky and learn more about the options available for straightening, whitening, and perfecting your smile.