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Vitamin C Receives Another Recommendation

Vitamin C Receives Another RecommendationFollowing closely on the news of several New York hospitals using vitamin C to treat patients dealing with COVID-19, the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP), representing more than 7,000 accredited naturopathic physicians (NDs) in the United States is also urging healthcare practitioners treating mild to serious COVID-19 cases to use intravenous vitamin C as another tool to provide patient care. NDs are the nation’s leading natural therapy specialists and have comprehensive expertise in interactions involving drug-nutrient and drug-herbs.

While doctors take advantage of the benefits of vitamin C, there are easy ways to get your dose of the vitamin at home. Here’s a simple recipe to boost your immune system throughout the day. Blend an orange, three slices of ginger, a teaspoon of turmeric, and a teaspoon of black pepper to make a series of shots.

To read more about the AANP encouraging the use of IV vitamin C, please visit the following link: https://ndnr.com/naturopathic-news/the-aanp-urges-physicians-and-hospitals-to-utilize-iv-vitamin-c-to-combat-the-covid-19-pandemic/. Should you have a dental emergency or urgent dental need, please contact our office.

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