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Vitamin C and D May Save the Day

Vitamin C and D May Save the DayLast month, we talked about how vitamin C may help with treating SARS-CoV-2, better known as coronavirus or COVID-19. Some recent news shows that this vitamin, along with vitamin D, are now being adopted as ways to potentially treat the infection.

Specifically, gravely ill patients in New York hospitals are being given intravenous doses of 1,500 milligrams of vitamin C at least three times a day as a complement to the other treatments used to fight coronavirus. When given at exceedingly high doses, vitamin C is capable of functioning as an antiviral drug and may be strong enough to kill viruses.

While the protocol on vitamin C is new for treatment with COVID-19, it has been used as a sepsis treatment since around 2017. In 2009, IV vitamin C was shown to be a potentially lifesaving cure for serious swine flu. The drug does not have any side effects and is inexpensive, promptly available and easy to administer, so there is practically no risk involved.

To read more, please visit https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2020/04/07/coronavirus-treatment.aspx. Remember that should you require urgent or emergency dental services, our office is open.

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