Use Your Insurance Coverage Before It’s Too Late

Use Your Insurance Coverage Before It’s Too LateOnly three months remain before the arrival of 2021. At Holistic Dental Center New Jersey, we want to help you ring in the new year with a bright smile. That means making sure that you’re getting your money’s worth and taking advantage of the benefits provided by your insurance or flexible spending plan.

Although insurance coverage does not play any role in our diagnosis and treatment, we’ve been doing this long enough to know that diligent preparation can always optimize your savings as well as your health.

You may be one of the many individuals with unspent money in your flexible spending plan. These useful accounts are comprised of pre-tax dollars intended to take care of healthcare-related expenses. However, if these funds go unused by the end of the year, the money disappears. It’s almost like you’re intentionally grabbing money out of your wallet and throwing it in the trash. Similarly, insurance doesn’t necessarily stick around year after year, so now is the time to strongly consider addressing your dental health and taking advantage of the benefits being provided to you.

For each of our patients, we strive to ensure that they reap the benefits of optimum oral health including looking and feeling great while showcasing a dazzling, confident smile. Our comprehensive treatment plans are designed to take advantage of your insurance perks. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

This update is by Holistic Dental Center New Jersey. We concentrate on delivering balanced dental care that is healthy for both the body, the teeth, and gums. With more two decades of private practice, Dr. Vladimir Gashinsky aims to enhance the quality of life of his patients through holistic dental treatment such as ozone therapy that values and honors the body. The result is a healthy body and a sterling smile. To schedule an appointment at our holistic dentist New Jersey office or to speak with a zirconia implant dentist NJ, please call 973-718-5104.