Uplifting Humanity – Is it Possible?

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Uplifting Humanity – Is it Possible?

With an earth population of 7.6 billion people and growing, the concept of uplifting humanity is a difficult one. We certainly have our ideas and opinions, but how far do those reach? Likely our family and community, possibly our neighborhood and maybe our city – but reviewing this concept nationwide or worldwide is a task we cannot easily comprehend.

Perhaps that’s why the idea of uplifting humanity has become a religious or political concept. But doesn’t that make us feel even more powerless and willing to leave it up to religious or political leaders? After all, how much can one person accomplish?

Before tackling these difficult questions, let’s have a look at what people actually care about. From 2010 to 2014, the World Values Survey asked residents from 52 countries how important they consider family, friends, leisure time, politics, work, and religion. Not surprisingly, all countries but one (Lebanon) considered family the most important thing in life. Friendship and leisure time rated next highest in what people care about most.
Closer to home, in the US, health came up as the number one thing people consider most important, while family came out second.

However, there is one thing that showed in every survey and underpinned every outcome as the most important thing in life, and that is “How you feel about yourself?”

This does not just mean “feeling good” but has everything to do with self confidence and being self-assured in such a way that you know (or at least have some idea of) where you’re going. And, for a lot of people, this also means taking care of yourself and your health because, when you feel confident about yourself, you can spread an awful lot of confidence and care to other people.

At Dr. Gashinsky’s Holistic Dental Center at Millburn, NJ, the holistic approach in dental care has everything to do with taking good care of patients. By using non-invasive, natural and non-chemical procedures, Dr. Vladimir Gashinsky is making a statement that the health of his patients and their families is his priority.

But that statement goes even further: it also shows to the world that natural, holistic care supports the environment and thus improves the well-being of millions. It sets an example of a holistic lifestyle that improves healthy and happy living overall.

“I have found that by restoring healthy teeth and gums, our practice helps restore people’s confidence and well-being which, in turn, makes them better and happier people,” says Dr. Gashinsky. “And that’s our contribution to uplifting humanity from our own corner. I think it’s important for people to know that they are not alone – if all of us support the happiness of other people, each in our own way, this world will definitely be a better place!”

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