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Understanding the Mercury-Free Approach to Dentistry

Understanding the Mercury-Free Approach to Dentistry

Mercury-free and mercury-safe dental practices set themselves apart from their peers through measures like safe amalgam filling removal and the use of composite fillings. Often, holistic dentists are the group that follows these mercury-free and mercury-safe beliefs, so it’s important to understand how all three elements work together.

The holistic approach to dental care is all-encompassing – holistic dentists focus on a patient’s overall well-being, not just their oral health. This means that they’re concerned about what you already have going on in your mouth, how things got that way, how it’s affecting the rest of your body, and what can be done to help you from head to toe.

The Practice of Mercury-Safe Holistic Dentistry

Recent studies have offered up strong statistics citing the danger of amalgam fillings to a person’s entire health. Amalgam fillings are made of nearly 60 percent mercury. Heat and pressure within the mouth – exacerbated by chewing and teeth grinding – create a dangerous reaction that allow mercury vapor to escape from the fillings, thereby entering the rest of your body and your bloodstream.

Mercury is, quite plainly, a toxin, and it needs to be eliminated from every person’s mouth. Holistic dentists who practice mercury-safe dentistry are not administering mercury – they are removingmercury from your mouth in the safest way possible to prepare your mouth for strong, mercury-free, non-toxic composite fillings.

The more silver fillings you have in your mouth, and the larger they are, the more you are exposing yourself to toxic mercury vapors. To get these fillings out of your mouth, safe amalgam filling removal measures are required. A holistic dentist’s office should be equipped with a special ventilation system that ensures mercury vapor is safely and thoroughly expunged during removal, and a mercury separator should filter mercury out of the waste water leaving the office rather than taxing water treatment plants. This protects every person in the office – from patients to staff – from any exposure to mercury.

The Benefits of Visiting a Mercury-Free Holistic Dentistry Practice

A mercury-free holistic dental practice does not use mercury in any shape or form in your dental treatment. At our state-of-the-art Millburn, NJ, holistic dentistry practice, each of our exam rooms is fully equipped to accommodate amalgam-filling-removal procedures and the application of mercury-free composite fillings.

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