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What is TRUE Holistic Dentistry, Really?

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What is TRUE Holistic Dentistry, Really?

With the increasing focus on wellness, more Americans are spending on things like wholesome and GMO-free foods along with alternative healthcare. A Federal Study shows that over 60 million Americans spend money on complimentary healthcare to the tune of over 30 billion dollars. Because of the increasing awareness and demand for holistic care, there has been an increase in the scientific research on these modalities.

That being said, it behooves us to do our own research on whether your holistic provider is TRULY holistic or are they using it as a marketing ploy to trick you into thinking that you are getting the best that holistic care has to offer. As a Biological or Holistic dental office ourselves, we want to be sure you know what to look for in a Holistic dentist that is completely dedicated to their profession. Continue reading and you’ll see what they don’t use and the reasons why it is the logical choice for your healthcare.

They don’t use mercury containing “silver” or amalgam fillings, thus making them “mercury-free”, due to the severe neurotoxicity of mercury. The central nervous system is the primary target of mercury poisoning so the placement and handling of this toxin is very dangerous. Why does the ADA condone the use of mercury in the mouth as a filling but at the same time it deems it regulated toxic waste the moment it is removed from the mouth. This question haunts us every day. This is why we only use materials that have been shown to be safe and compatible with the body.

They don’t remove mercury containing amalgams without following a stringent protocols to ensure the safety of the patient, doctor and staff making them not only mercury free but also “mercury safe”. Mercury fumes and particulate matter can wind up being inhaled which is the most dangerous exposure to mercury. Heavy metal toxicity is on the rise, we won’t contribute to the dangers around us. We are SMART certified through the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) which proves we follow strict safety protocols to ensure your safety.

They don’t recommend Root Canals routinely since they harbor bacteria, dead tissue and gases that can re-infect the bone or cause infections to get worse. The toxins that are left behind after a Root Canal have been associated with a multitude of oral and systemic issues. For that reason we offer a predictable alternative to Root Canals and keeping a tooth that could potentially cause more harm to the body and your wallet.

They don’t perform standard conventional dental cleanings. We want to ensure your safety and an enhanced response so during your enhanced Holistic Cleaning we will not use city-line water as most offices do. We will only use water that has been properly filtered through our own reverse osmosis unit and infused with medical grade ozone during your cleanings and also all other dental procedures. Tap water can be full of contaminants, heavy metals and pollutants that we will never expose our patients to. We also use this highly filtered water with an herbal solution that will aid in the healing and toning of the gum tissue.

They don’t use fluoride since it is considered a neurotoxin and can cause a multitude of systemic problems. The American Dental Association has even changed their guidelines in how much fluoride children should receive as a toddler. For that reason we offer a safe fluoride-free alternative to preventing childhood decay which is the number one preventable disease in children. Listen to Dr. Mercola discussing why you should avoid fluoride. (https://youtu.be/SoJ0EQE4KEo)

They won’t use any metal in crowns or partials for any reason and we are considered metal-free. This is because the statistics show that at least 30% of the population have a nickel allergy and metal ions can be dangerous to one’s health. For this reason, we only use specific laboratories that can assure us of the safety of their materials and are completely free of metals.

They don’t use sedatives or pharmaceuticals for anxious patients. The risks are many when IV sedation is used, can potentially be fatal and all the toxins that are used to make it. We use a natural alternative to reduce a patient’s anxiety where they feel relaxed and rejuvenated. We also use homeopathy to calm the patient and both modalities allow the patient to drive and resume normal activities immediately after dental treatment without the terrible side effects of sedatives.

They don’t use materials on reactive or sensitive patients without performing biocompatibility testing also known as reactivity testing. As with anything else, what can be tolerated by one person cannot be tolerated by another. So to avoid reactions we have thoroughly vetted materials that we use routinely as being the least reactive and for those with a high sensitivity, performing biocompatibility testing is mandatory.

They won’t perform unnecessary and excessive treatment. As a Holistic practitioner, treating the patient as a whole and making them “whole” is our priority. We will take the time to fully inform our patients on the benefits of any recommendations we have for their treatment. We feel very strongly about education and making sure our patients fully understand the “why” and the “how” of their treatment. Our treatment recommendations will always be minimally invasive, prevent further breakdown and to restore and return a patient to their optimal condition.

They don’t use products with artificial colorings or flavorings since many patients have chemical sensitivities and severe allergic reactions that are on the rise over the past 25 years or so. We use and offer products that don’t have any dyes, chemicals or artificial flavorings, only natural products to reduce exposure to allergens and toxins to our patient.

They don’t and would never use or recommend cosmetic facial injections to paralyze muscles or to fill in wrinkles. It is well known that there are many dangers injecting paralytic toxins in the face and the fillers are called “toxic sludge” by many of the users that have regretted the choice since it can wind up in your system. We will never put your health at risk.

They will never use the old fashioned long exposure dip x-rays. They will unnecessarily expose you to harmful radiation and the chemical fumes of the solutions used for their processing can be highly irritating to the lungs and long term exposure can have its negative effects. We will only use low dose digital radiography along with a lead apron with an attached thyroid collar. We also use a specially designed ring to line up the x-ray cone and blocks scatter radiation exposure to a patient. In addition to this, we offer supplements to patients to bind the free radicals that can be created by radiation so the patient can eliminate them naturally.

They don’t use perfumes or air fresheners due to their toxicity and potential allergenic reactions in patients. We do have an installed dual air filtration system that reduces air contaminants significantly and we also diffuse essential oils to remove pathogens in the air during cold and flu season.

They won’t treat medically compromised patients without working closely with their MD, DO, DC, ND, Integrative Doctor or Nutritionist. For our patients to reap the most benefit out of the treatment we provide, their healthcare provider needs to be an active participant in the treatment planning recommendations for our patient.

Being a Holistic Practitioner is not a part-time job. It’s a lifestyle, a passion full of dedication to its definition. You don’t want your Holistic Practitioner to practice it along with conventional modalities, practicing holistic dentistry only sometimes, or not fully implementing proper protocols that have been established by governing bodies. You want a Holistic Practitioner that has dedicated and committed themselves to holistic core beliefs and protocols not only in their practices but also in their lifestyle. Essentially “talking the talk and walking the walk”. Dr. Gashinsky and his team of professionals at the Holistic Dental Center of Millburn NJ is such a provider and invite you to tour our facility to see all the holistic protocols we have to offer.