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Treat Your Cold With a Dose of Honey

Treat Your Cold With a Dose of HoneyUpper respiratory infection (URI) is the medical term referring to what most people simply call the common cold. This common virus typically affects children more than adults yet even adults can catch a cold as much as four times a year.

Though often treated with over the counter products like decongestants, at-home treatments are often recommended for attacking a cold. These include getting plenty of rest, consuming chicken soup, gargling with salt water, and remaining hydrated. However, over the counter options may not prove as effective for children.

What about honey?

Using a study involving more than 100 children with a URI, it was discovered that giving children a 2.5 ml bedtime dose of honey was more effective at providing relief from coughs versus other treatments. Furthermore, those that were given a combination of honey and lemon showed greater relief than the ones that were only given medication. Over the counter medications often carry risks such as drowsiness or they may do the opposite and cause insomnia.

While honey may prove effective in treating the common cold, it should not be given to children younger than one year.

To read more, please visit https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2020/09/14/honey-beats-traditional-treatment-for-respiratory-infections.aspx.

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