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Tips for a Healthy Holistic Home

Tips for a Healthy Holistic HomeA healthy home is one that keeps you safe, promotes health, and serves as a sanctuary. As the coronavirus spreads, it is essential to remain indoors and practice all of the steps that encourage a healthy, holistic home.

One of the easiest steps you can take in preventing the spread of viruses, germs, and other contaminants is to take the opportunity and do some cleaning. This means making sure surfaces are free of dust or contaminants and even cutting down on clutter wherever possible. Another thing to do is to allow your home to receive ventilation while remaining indoors. Studies have shown that respiratory health has a lot to do with fresh air. This fresh air can also cut down on moisture, which can lead to common respiratory problems like asthma.

Speaking of contaminants, homes may be exposed to various possible pollutants, including mercury, radon, pesticides, volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, asbestos, and more. Children are particularly susceptible to this, which reinforces the need to practice regular cleaning and maintenance.

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