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There’s Nothing Sour About Lemon’s Health Benefits

There’s Nothing Sour About Lemon’s Health Benefits

Water provides essential hydration and when you throw a lemon into it during your morning routine, it makes for a great, healthy way to kick off your day. Besides being rich in the all-important vitamin C, lemon also boasts many additional benefits including supporting heart and digestive health as well as helping with weight control. Let’s delve into this a bit.

The average lemon packs roughly 31mg of vitamin C, which is just about fifty percent of the recommended daily intake. Vitamin C may cut down on the odds of heart disease and along with the plant and fiber compounds found in lemon, it may significantly decrease risk factors, including lowering bad cholesterol levels.

Lemons consist of approximately ten percent carbohydrates, largely in soluble fiber and simple sugar form. Pectin, soluble fiber type tied to several health benefits, is the principal fiber in lemons. Soluble fiber may boost the health of the gut and slow down sugar and starch digestion. Collectively, these may contribute to a drop in blood sugar levels. However, to reap the most benefits, you’ll have to be willing to consume the pulp.

Speaking of pectin, it may play an important role in weight management. Upon being digested, it will expand when it reaches the stomach, which means a person will feel fuller for a longer period. It’s worth noting, however, drinking lemon juice will not have the same effect as it does not have pectin.

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