The Many Healing Benefits of Rubia Cordifolia

The Many Healing Benefits of Rubia CordifoliaRubia cordifolia, a plant that can grow up to almost forty feet tall, is native to many parts of Asia, Europe, and Africa and belongs to the Rubiaceae family of coffee plants, which is a type of flowering plant. It is also found flourishing along rivers and streams that flow through evergreen forests, sometimes going by names such as Manjishta, Manjetti, Bhedeli, and Chovvallikkodi, to name a few. It slender yet rough leaves, the green, and white flowers can prove prickly, and it can also produce a shiny black fruit when ripe.

Rubia cordifolia is a highly varied plant with a range of uses, including healing benefits, in spite of its basic appearance. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for illnesses like spleen and blood disorders, skin infections, ulcers and burns, stones of the kidney and gallbladder, low-grade fever, and more.

For skin protection, rubia cordifolia is common. To promote tissue regeneration, the powdered root may be combined with a limited quantity of honey and added to skin areas that have been wounded or weakened by infection. The powder can help ease acne when combined with ghee and topically applied.

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