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The Dangers of Leaky Gut

The Dangers of Leaky GutHere’s a not so fun fact: the GI tract (that long tube that runs from your mouth to the anus) can be a harbinger of several different chronic diseases if you’re not taking care of your body. Since it’s connected to the mouth, anything that may occur in the small intestines, for example, may have an effect on the mouth.

The digestive tract surface is home to countless numbers of bacteria and other microbes. These microbes are essential to human survival and play roles in metabolism, nutrition, physiology as well as the immune system. When the microbiome is disrupted and toxic microbes take charge, the results may lead to a host of chronic diseases.

Gut dysbiosis is the name given to the disruption or imbalance in the GI tract. Your good bacteria should keep your gut lining solid and usable when you\’re healthy. This is critical because well over fifty percent of your immune system is in your intestines. Unbalance in the gut can interfere with this process, however.

“Leaky gut” occurs when the gut lining loses its barrier function. The lines of communication between your gut bacteria and the immune system are thrown into chaos, resulting in toxins or undigested food affecting the immune system. One of the ways leaky gut will manifest itself is through the common periodontal disease known as gingivitis, also known as the inflammation of the gums.

The tiny gaps found between the teeth and gums are called gingival crevices or pockets. The oral microbiota are fond of residing in these pockets, as they provide shelter and result in the creation of dental plaque known as biofilm. The bacteria use plaque to shelter your mouth from the harsh conditions. Through the blood vessels of the gums, they remain in close contact with the immune system.

In a healthy body, there’s a richness and balance in your good bacteria, functioning in combination with your immune system. But inflammation can occur when bacterial unbalance occurs in the pockets. That can result in bleeding. Hence, your gingival crevices provide a snapshot of your oral microbiome ‘s health.

In just four days, harmful microbes can develop in dental plaque. As it develops, the immune system will respond via inflammation which can lead to periodontal disease. At its peak, the gums will begin to recede and the bone of the teeth will weaken. It’s yet another why it’s so important to ensure your gut health is in good shape as the gut microbiome will help the immune system do its job.

Adding fiber to the diet, consuming foods with probiotics, and daily brushing and flossing are a few ways to keep a balance of good mouth bacteria.

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