Teeth Cleanings Done Holistically

There are many elements that set a holistic dentistry practice apart from a regular dental practice, such as mercury-free dentistry and zirconia dental implants. But did you also know that there is a holistic way to administer a teeth cleaning?

Why Holistic Teeth Cleaning is Best

All dental cleanings are not created equal. Holistic teeth cleaning is a thorough process that not only cleans your teeth and the tissue around the teeth but also takes care that any possibility of bacteria in the mouth is  addressed in a way that’s wholesome for your entire body. In addition to the cleaning process, holistic dentistry practices often use a laser dental cleaning technique in case of gum disease which is a safer way treat the gums. Patients report this type of cleaning as a much more pleasant and comfortable way to have their teeth cleaned.

Holistic teeth cleanings offer a greater measure of protection for your oral health. The conventional method of cleaning teeth typically begins with scraping plaque from the teeth with a metal instrument. However, this method can cut into the sensitive gum tissue surrounding teeth, which opens up avenues for bacteria to enter the blood stream. This portion of a traditional teeth cleaning can also cause a measure of discomfort to patients.

The Holistic Teeth Cleaning Process

Laser dental cleanings begin with a sterilizing laser that cleans and disinfects teeth around the sensitive gum tissue, killing bacteria without damaging the gums, thereby eliminating the creation of any pathways for unwanted microbes to enter the blood stream.

The next step in a holistic teeth cleaning involves the use of a scaler which uses high-frequency sound waves to remove plaque build-up from the teeth. Finally, the teeth are carefully and gently polished and rinsed to produce that smooth, just-cleaned feeling that everyone loves after a teeth cleaning.

Maintaining Your Oral Health

No matter how well you take care of your teeth, no matter how often you floss and brush, it is still important to have your teeth professionally cleaned every six months. There is plaque and bacteria that settle on your teeth that only dental-grade equipment can properly remove.

Opting for holistic teeth cleaning means you are doing your part to protect your oral health and oral immunity and eliminate any discomfort that can come from conventional cleaning methods. Learn more about why you should choose a holistic dentist, then contact our Millburn, NJ, office to make your appointment with Dr. Vladimir Gashinsky.