Stay Active and Keep Your Distance

Stay Active and Keep Your DistanceSheltering in place and social distancing continue to be encouraged. However, it’s just as important not to remain sedentary and maintain some degree of physical activity. In fact, according to an NPR article, you may want to consider going outside.

Health experts say you have fewer chances of coming into contact with virus particles outdoors than you do inside. This is due to reasons such as the wind or ultraviolet rays that can degrade viruses. However, this doesn’t mean you should be making outdoor activity a group outing either. Physical activities such as power walking or running, for example, can be done while still maintaining the recommended six-foot minimum distance from other people.

If you do prefer to remain indoors, however, there are plenty of exercises you can do. Jump rope is one example or you can do some yoga. Online training has proliferated as people find ways to remain active which means you can probably find a class or someone to train you.

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