Sharpen Your Memory with Rosemary

Sharpen Your Memory with RosemaryRosemary is an herb commonly used for culinary purposes and also for its therapeutic properties. It has a strong aroma and its lemon-like flavor makes it a popular addition in Italian and French dishes. While its culinary qualities are well-known, what you may not know is that rosemary also has medicinal properties.

With is anti-inflammatory and hepatoprotective properties plus its abilities to potentially function as an anti-cancer and diabetes herb, rosemary has lots of pharmacologically validated uses in medicine, but it is also notable for its ability to improve cognitive function. It’s believed that in ancient Greek times, students would don garlands made of rosemary to boost their memory.

Another perk of rosemary is you may not need to consume rosemary in large quantities to reap the benefits. In a study involving over twenty adults around the age of 75, as little as 0.15 teaspoons (750 milligrams) of rosemary leaf powder improved memory speed. Even smelling it can potentially lead to enhanced memory performance.

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