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Relieve Stress and Anxiety with Box Breathing

Relieve Stress and Anxiety with Box BreathingChances are you may not pay too much attention to how you’re breathing. However, if you’re feeling stressed, minding your breathing is imperative in calming down. Breathing becomes faster and increases in intensity during this time, as the nervous system turns on the body’s built-in fight or flight response.

Concentrating on your breathing is one efficient way to reduce stress. That is one of the fundamental aspects of meditation and why it’s become such a powerful tool in a healthier body and mind. However, if you can\’t meditate you might try something called box breathing, a technique that Navy SEALS use as a way to calm down.

Start by gradually exhaling the existing air in the lungs through your mouth to a count of four. Following exhalation, hold your breath for four seconds. Inhale slowly through your nose for four seconds once again, ensuring your back stays straight and your shoulders do not rise. Hold your breath one last time for four more seconds, then repeat the whole cycle.

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