Re-Opening Health Protocols: Keeping You Safe

Re-Opening Health Protocols: Keeping You Safe

Many of us had to make significant changes in our lives and our everyday activities, not by choice but by necessity. At this time, we’re happy to say it looks like many of us may be getting to a point where we can start moving about the state and receive the necessary services.

On May 15, Governor Murphy announced he was lifting the Executive Order stopping elective and invasive procedures. What does that mean for you? For two months, we were mandated to only see emergency patients for pain or swelling while everyone had to wait. We are thrilled that we will be re-opening as of June 1 for all procedures; they may have to be adjusted a bit, but we will be performing them to the high-quality level expected of us. Many of you have reached out to us wanting appointments for treatment and it was incredibly difficult not being able to do so. Now that we’re back, we hope to make it worth the wait.

Most of you may remember we sent out a survey to hear your thoughts on what would make you feel safe in YOUR dental office. We sat down, read each one, took it to heart, and listened. We have made many positive changes in the practice that we feel confident will not only enhance your visit here at the Holistic Dental Center but will keep you and ultimately your family safe. As a holistic practice, we avoid toxic chemicals so we scoured the research, listened to your recommendations, conferred with the experts, and the following is what we are implementing in the practice. We do hope you find this to be reassuring that we meet and exceed all regulations. We want to be available to serve our patients and it’s important to us to follow all mandated regulations.

Re-Opening Health Protocols: Keeping You Safe

Here is a breakdown of the major protocols and systems we have implemented to enhance and improve your visit:

  • Social Distancing has become a big part of our enhanced protocol. We have removed the chairs from the waiting room and you now can comfortably relax in your car while we process your appointment needs. You will be notified when the room is ready for you and no one else in any of the halls or common areas. This step prevents you from coming into contact with anyone other than your clinicians.
  • Temperature and oxygen readings on all patients and staff members every day, every time. This ensures that we can be proactive in avoiding the spread.
  • Bathrooms have been equipped with a foot pedal flushing mechanism, touchless soap and sanitizer dispensers, and touchless faucet. The door handle and light switch will have barrier tape that is changed after every use to ensure no cross-contamination between occupants.
  • Use of our sanitizing station. When you come in, you’ll be wearing your mask and in our hall you will be sanitizing your hands and putting on gloves (if you’d like) and shoe coverings. All of these steps are to keep everyone safe.
  • Hospital Grade UV Light sterilization unit has been installed in our HVAC system. You are not only breathing clean fresh air due to our super filtration system, you are now breathing sterilized air that is not recycled.
  • Medical Grade Oxygen-Ozone units have been installed in all of our operating rooms. We no longer have to go to another room to get ozone, we now can create fresh ozone on the spot for your treatment needs as well as disinfection of the air and surfaces.
  • High powered aerosol control systems are not just for mercury anymore! We have equipped our hygienists with an easily adapted aerosol control system to markedly reduce the aerosol during your holistic cleanings. In addition, we have several Dentairvac units that we will be using for your mercury removal as well as aerosol producing procedures. Because of the way we practice, we were already equipped with this amazing unit and we’re in the process of getting a few more.
  • Hypochlorous Acid has an unusual capability of killing coronavirus in less than a minute. It is completely safe to use since it is electrolyzed water, salt and vinegar, our body even produces it. It is misted or fogged in the room to eliminate airborne viruses and other pathogens. We’re even going to fog ourselves!
  • Portable UV light units are going to be used to sterilize the entire room after everything has been wiped down with an EPA-approved sanitizer and also hypochlorous acid or ozone. The room will be left unoccupied during the sterilization process. Only after performing this process will the room fully dressed with the barriers we have always used.
  • Medical Grade Ozone rinses and ozonide treatments have been implemented for our patients to reduce the bacterial and viral load in the nose, mouth, and throat to lower the chance of any transmission of any virus or bacteria.
  • Peroxide Nebulization and Ozonide treatments for the staff have been implemented so that you can rest assured that we are empowering the staff to remain infection-free in addition to them taking the recommended vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc supplements to boost their immune system.
  • N95 masks and face shields will be worn by all the clinical staff. They have been fully trained in the proper donning and removal of the PPE to prevent cross-contamination. We have always followed strict guidelines and we now have enhanced protocols to remain ahead of the curve.

These enhancements are a few of the improvements you’ll see at your next appointment. Your health, welfare, and safety remain our top priority. Because life has temporarily changed a bit, we want you to know we appreciate you and always want to be here for you. It is our pleasure and honor to go the extra mile to deliver high-quality service in an environment where you feel safe and at home.

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