Prebiotics Provide Many Benefits

Prebiotics Provide Many BenefitsThere is plenty of research on probiotics and how they may contribute to better oral health. Everything from the prevention and treatment of oral infections to periodontal disease may be assisted by probiotics. These probiotics are able to grow a sort of biofilm of sorts that functions as a protective lining.

Something you may not know about probiotics, however, is that they also need the right nutrition. That is where prebiotics begin to play a role. As a type of fiber, they are present in foods such as veggies, whole grains, and fruit and they do more than just help with improved digestive health. Prebiotics can do a lot of good in improving a person’s mental health by feeding the stomach. In fact, the fusion of prebiotics and probiotics may assist with fighting depression, childhood obesity, and decreased colitis severity.

If you need some guidance regarding the types of foods to eat to nourish your body with prebiotics, a couple of examples are flaxseed, chickpeas, whole oats, and even apples. Many of these foods can be found in diets which help to reduce inflammation and improve oral health.

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