Poor Oral Hygiene Could Mean a Greater Risk of Cancer

Poor Oral Hygiene Could Mean a Greater Risk of CancerAre you looking for another strong reason to start brushing your teeth on a regular basis? How about this: daily brushing may help minimize the risk of developing mouth or stomach cancer, according to a new finding at the Harvard T.H. Chan Public Health Institute.

While studying thousands of people over two decades, scientists found that those with a history of gum disease had a whopping fifty percent greater chance of developing gastric or esophageal cancer. For those who have experienced tooth loss, the findings were even worse.

Not taking oral hygiene seriously remains one of the main causes of developing gum disease, including not consistently or correctly brushing teeth. Gum disease can lead to a host of other issues that affect the body beyond just the mouth.

Combining poor oral hygiene with a poor diet could be causing significant harm to your body. We invite you to visit our Holistic Dental Center New Jersey offices, and we will help you make meaningful improvements based around a healthy mind and body.

To read more about the study, please visit https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-8543157/Not-brushing-teeth-increases-chance-developing-mouth-stomach-cancer.html.

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